Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Essential, I’m playing the game from the couch on the TV. Hence why decent UI scale is also important. :)

3030 works pretty well in both those, but the controller is obviously hacked in. The flying is good, but conversations and most UI screens make you use an emulated mouse cursor.

It’s not that bad, but I’m interested if there’s anything else modern around.

Silent Sector might do you.

It might be a bit combat heavy but for top-down with controller support it’s better support than 3030 if I recall, though I still feel 3030 is the better game.

We did give it space game of the decade for a reason. ;)

I’d also look into a wireless keyboard and mouse for your setup, it’ll increase your options exponentially. Like Unending Galaxy for example. Basically a top-down X game, but no controller support.

I’m intrigued. Don’t think I’ve heard of that one.

Cheers I’ll give that a look!

I have a wireless couch keyboard, it’s kinda essential for driving the PC from there and getting stuff working. I don’t like using it to play stuff though. I feel I might as well sit at the desk if I’m going to do that.

Like an X game, it can be buggy and take a spell to really click, but once it does it has a bajillion options to play it, from a single freighter to a full-blown empire. It’s an impressive thing.

Hey you do you boo, just telling you your options.

They don’t make that clear on the Steam store page at all. I’d have completely overlooked it.

In related news, Star Valor looks to be shaping up nicely. I definitely have my eye on that one.

Oh yes that one is looking freaking great.

Thanks! IIRC the X games aren’t your cup of tea. What about this one? (Would you be able to tell if it scratched the same itch?)

I liked this more because you could focus on one ship and just play that way, without the X’s constant urging for you to become a space-based CEO. I just wanna be a pilot, dammit.

3030 Deathwar is amazeballs

Intrigued by this today and hoping for good things:

The way you control the body looks interesting - like a toned down QWOP IN SPACE - so hopefully the things you’re asked to do with that body are interesting.

Oh God I’m sorry to me that looks super annoying.

I dunno, the co-op mode looks like it would transform an annoying game into a hilarious drunken Saturday night game.

First blush was the game was a fun time and I can’t wait to try it splitscreen with Lady Bismarck later. It’s going to cause so much swearing.

I feel like I haven’t used human arms before.

K y’all Chorus is a pile of crap. Avoid. AVOID.

You didn’t even enjoy the combat and controls, like the Eurogamer reviewer?

The combat is kind of fun with a mouse and keyboard, but the gamepad controls are TERRIBLE. Decent combat doesn’t outweigh the myriad of other problems the game has, from a horrid UI/UX to truly bad writing.

I liken it to playing a pen-and-paper RPG with a poorly-prepared, inflexible and player-hostile GM. OR, if someone ripped out one of those janky-as-fuck eastern European space games from the mid-2000s and gave it a bigger budget AND NOTHING ELSE.

In thinking on it, the combat is likely its best feature, it’s just a shame that there’s…gestures at everything…the rest of the game to get in the way.

Hehe I need to find some more crap games to feed you, Brian. That was entertaining!

I’ll totally play them!

I have not played more than half an hour or so of Chorus, but, I did enjoy what I played. I did swap the joystick functions on the game pad.

Felt like a fun arcade game, and that is without all the fun powers you get later.

Story I don’t really have an opinion on as yet, did not seem like anything too bad or good from the little I’ve seen.