Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Cool, that’s good to know. You should do a gameplay Steam on it. I promise to watch!

Do you know if it is releasing into EA, or is the game largely done?

I don’t think I’m allowed to, honestly. I have a massive backlog of space games to get through first though.

I think more needs to be done. Not 100% though.

There are a number of videos already on YouTube so streaming would appear to be ok?

Ohhh I thought this beta test I was in was closed? Anyway like I said, I’ve a massive backlog of space games to get through before I get to it. I will get to it, it’ll just be a spell.

Based upon your favorable comment, I’ll probably buy it before then :)


Sadly dev just announced a delay to February.

Yep, just saw this but no big deal. It’s funny, he’s a one man shop but he’s already got more in his game than Star Citizen. Wish he had a few million to work with.

Damn right.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Complete for $4. An AMAZING deal y’all.

Buy it you fucks yadda yadda. ;)

Guess what, folks, Hardwa[r] err, Hardw[a]r is going to be available on Steam here in a bit! Originally released in what, '98?

I played that game a lot back then! It was really ugly but very atmospheric. I’ll probably buy it again for the nostalgia.

(To be clear, it looked really ugly in 1999. It might not look as bad in 2023 because we have all been desensitized by pixelated ugly indie games by now).

I ran across this old reddit post the other day :)


I remember having some kind of fun with 3 before the bugs and the micro-management killed it for me.

I haven’t gone back since, but here’s a retrospective of it.

Aren’t there some mods that make MoO3 actually…fun?

Posted by /u/[deleted] makes it great, it’s like he got such replies he deleted the account in shame.

There are a set of mods out there, but I don’t know that they ever made it fun. IIRC the story goes that the mac iso apparently had the source on it (no idea if that was true or not), and from that someone was able to do some modding.

I remember seeing Hardwar described as a cult classic. Half want to give it a look but I think I’m just too shallow :)

I liked MOO 3 much better than its reputation, but then I liked MOO 1 and 2 far less than theirs, so what can you do? At the end of the day, though, just give me Ascendancy with a competent AI and I’m set for life.

Hah yes please.