Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

@BrianRubin this is the place I know of for moo3 mods. I don’t know if there are other things out there.

Ah yes Strawberry and Tropical that’s what I remember. Thank you!

I mean, I don’t suppose they’ve done much of anything to spruce it up, but if it’s fixed to work on modern PCs and it drops to a fiver at some point, I’m in.

How about a tenner?

I kinda remember that the creator of Ascendancy was working on a sequel a long time ago. But never heard anything again. Surprised no one has made a remake/clone. I wonder if Ray Fowler is a fan?

I think because The Tome Rebellion didn’t really do well kinda killed The Logic Factory, sadly.

Tone Rebellion. Weird game, but I liked it. Those guys were really good at a specific flavor of weird, I miss their sensibility.

I tried to get into it. I TRIED, because I loved Ascendancy so much. I was so sad when I couldn’t click with it.

It was very much its own game, that’s for sure. The two had literally nothing in common beyond Logic Factory weirdness.

Did Ascendancy really release in the Fall of 1995? I’m trying to think of a space game that would’ve been 1994 or spring 1995 because I played it at someone’s house while still stationed at Ft Hood, TX. That means I played it no later than April or May. It wasn’t MOO, which I owned, and nothing else on the Wikipedia 4x list from that timeframe is it from what I can tell.

Could you try to describe more of it?

Unfortunately I don’t really have much of a memory of it other than it being some space strategy game. Imperium galactica was much later right? I’ll have to go poke around on mobygames and see if I can figure it out. I’d say that box art s part of the reason I was thinking ascendancy, but likely that is in my memory from seeing that over the years since then.

Yeah the first Imperium Galactica was '97.

Maybe it’s Warpath?

If not, check this Wiki I built, maybe something will jog your memory.

I wonder if it was Maelstrom.

Edit: Another possibility is Supremacy: Your Will Be Done / Overlord, in particular that planetary info screen looks familiar.

From 92? Good one.

Yep, I’m pretty sure Overlord is the one. Looking at this back cover art, I’m certain this is the one.

I guess I played that game a long time after it came out. Your list solved the mystery. SpaceGameJunkie is the best ;)

I’m trying to remember the name of a 4X space strategy game, circa 1991 or 1992. DOS, of course. I remember buying it for $50 at EB, which is like $110 today.

Wish I could remember more.

@Woolen_Horde Any of these ring a bell?

Reach for the Stars from SSG would’ve been out in 1989
Stellar Crusade from SSI was 1988
Spaceward Ho
Armada 2525 is 1991
Did VGA Planets have single player?

VGA Planets 3 had no single player.

There was something called CPLAYER that could run a turn for a player if they didnt submit a turn (I believe this was fan created). It was very minimum.

I always like Spaceward HO.

I remember that Reach for the Stars had a sequel but it did not do well. As I recall fleets could attack any planet with no sensors to warn and a lot of the fan base didnt like that aspect as it was hard to defend against (at least as I recall). I think they tried to do something about it but the game never became as popular as the first iteration.

I picked up Cosmoteer and I think I need to go to space warship engineering school to learn what to do!