Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Well put, thank you.

@BrianRubin or anyone else, do you know of any space 4x that doesn’t have a hard cap on the number of ship designs, but instead has an increasing maintenance cost for the number of ship designs in service? I was trying to think of some way to have a middle ground between “you get 5 ship designs, have fun”, and being able field as many designs as you want. I like the gameplay idea behind using design limits to force choices, but would like a couple more options.

Maybe Star Ruler 2?

Here’s the new Star Trucker trailer.

What is the name of that mars game? Oops, meant this to be in the E3 thread.

Space Gears, I think. Also, it’s kind of space related, since it takes place on Mars.

That looks like that is it. Thanks

Please help me fellow space game enthusiasts…

A game popped in my head the other day and I am having the hardest time trying to remember the title of it. I may be hazy on the facts, but it was a team-based multiplayer game set in space where each team had a base, and you could play a few different roles. Most players were in some sort of fighter, but occasionally you could pilot a single capital ship of some sort that had turrets which could also be manned. The main goal seemed to be to get the capital ship to the other teams’ base, at which point you could fire a nuke and destroy the base. The fighters spent most of their time trying to keep other fighters off their capital ship because it moved pretty slowly.

I’m not sure if it ever actually released, but I might have played a beta back in the 1998-2002 time frame.

Was it Star Wars: Battlefront II?

No, this was way older, like Tribes era. And you could only pilot ships, there was no ground combat.

Ohhh okay, maybe Subspace?

This was more sim-like, like what do you call the out-of-cockpit view of space sim games like X-Wing? And around 1998-2001.

Okay I’m at a loss then, but my knowledge of multiplayer games is lacking. Maybe it’s on this list?

Was it Allegiance? The one by Microsoft?

Oh good call.

Thanks! That was it. I don’t remember the RTS component at all, but the title sounds right and the UI is really familiar.

[Edit] Watching this video it’s all coming back. The RTS component was what the team’s commander used to direct the rest of the team. I think I only played as commander once.

Awesome. Well done, Rock8!

Oh, FYI, if you do dive back into Allegiance, just know the community arrrren’t the nicest towards new players.

Hey, I’m not new I’m just coming out of an extended retirement…

Thanks for the warning. Sadly it’s not unexpected. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I recall the players being a lot nicer back then. I don’t expect to go back into Allegiance, but if I do it looks like there’s training material out there. Someone in the comments mentioned Infinity: Battlescape is somewhat of a modern successor, but not sure if that’s true beyond a few features. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the community had the same issues.

Hey, I see people are still playing Tribes too. Lot of memories from that game as well, mostly that I was terrible with it (especially the disc gun).

I’ve tried Infinity: Battlescape and so far there’s just barely a there there. Can’t really recommend it.