Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

That looks really cool!

Question for the rooms: I know games have done the “Newtonian physics” thing in space before, but

  1. What about relativistic (i.e. non-Newtonian) physics? (I’m not sure how you would make that fun.)

  2. I didn’t notice in that video any momentum transfer from combat. That is, if your ship gets hit in the flank, it should start spinning in that direction. (You could make the argument that lasers transfer ~negligible momentum, I guess, but I don’t know of any games that have really modeled laser beam damage.) Explosions, too–those would really set your ship spinning.

  3. This is just me being that guy, but atmospheric flight is Newtonian, y’all. (As long as you’re not going at relativistic speed. (And if you are, ha ha, you’re being torn apart by ridiculous energies.)) (Or your atmosphere is made of ooblek, lol.)

September 3. Would have been nice to have something new to play in August, but I can wait.