Space Horse?

I bought Dominions II thanks to all the recomendations on this board and with it came a neat catalog for other games sold by shrapnel games. One of the games was Space Horse which seems to be a new verson of the old game MULE. I was just wondering if anyone here had tried it, is there any multiplayer comunity to speak of? I’d love to see a console port of that if it’s any good. I remember the good old days of crowding around of the computer and I don’t know how all four of us cotrolled our little robot buyers and sellers on one keyboard.

Just as a sidenote does anyone know if it’s even legal to make a close copy of a game like that? If EA made a fuss I’m supposing that Space Horse would dissapear from their site rather quickly.

I played it, and even reviewed it. You can check Zengamer for my review.

Here’s a thumbnail review - too low profile for a serious MP community, and MP was the entire point of M.U.L.E. As a SP game, it is too dull and imbalanced to stay installed for very long. The precious resources are easily mapped, the random events sometimes game breaking.

Unless you really loved M.U.L.E. and know humans to play against, skip it.