Space Hulk: Deathwing - UE4, Focus Home Interactive

Oohh. I want to see what a cute servo-skull or cherub looks like! Dark Eldar, too.

This is a multiplayer focused game? I didn’t realize that.

I actually picked it up, and while it’s pretty challenging (for me), it has a lot of great atmosphere. I’m only poking around in the first chapter of the campaign, though.


I’ll probably just play this for the campaign, the setting is indeed fantastic, atmosphere was nailed by the developers.

Just wish the teammate AI was a bit better.

So far only finished chapter 1.

The EE feels waaaaaaaayyy better than the original.

Finishing things up. Much, much better game, still the eurojank but overall, worth the price I originally paid. AI was surprisingly not terrible.

So, is it a fun single player game? Worth the money?

I’m also curious, still hoping for a good WH40k FPS/TPS fix at some point. I miss what Space Marine could have been if they had balanced multiplayer.

I picked this up in the latest sale and tried out a single-player mission. 90 minutes, 650 dead xenos and a stiff dose of purgatorial fervor later I am ready to pledge my allegiance to the God-Emperor and serve as his sword to stave back the abominable hordes pouring from the Warp. Nobody told me this game was so awesome.
It feels a lot like Streum On achieving what they wanted with E.Y.E., in terms of encounter design at least. Those ridiculous and somewhat tiresome enemy spawns from their previous game are now just a non-stop wall of carnage and gore. Maybe all the negative reception this game got lead me to be way more impressed than I expected, but I’m enjoying life as a murder-bot for now.

I only ever did the first 2 campaign missions, the friendly AI was just not good.

I’m not going to praise it, but it reminded me a lot of Republic Commando without feeling as heavily-scripted as that did. They seemed perfectly capable of holding my flank and making sure I never have to open a door with my own hands (like a peasant). I quickly got used to spamming the “follow” command so they didn’t just stand around in the wrong room brainlessly, though.
I imagine that it’s a thousand times more fun with a well-coordinated team in voicechat, and a thousand times less with maladroit randos. The server population is also very small (~20 people right now, according to Steam) so you might have to twist your friends’ arms to buy it (mine won’t) if you’re wanting to play multiplayer.

I got a coupon from Steam that knocks 80% off the price, is this game worth 8 bucks?

I think it is worth it for that price. The atmosphere, customization and over Warhammer feel is there. It can get repetitious though but for 8 bucks, I think it’s worth it.

For the Emporah! I have started playing this again, I had to replay Chapter 1 as I couldn’t remember squat from my last attempt back in 2018. Completed that and I am now on Chapter 2!

Visuals in the Enhanced Edition do not disappoint. Also decided to play on Easy, and it still seems overwhelming at times.

Pro tip : Don’t shoot the bell.

I tried this a while ago and got slaughtered. Might need to try again.

It’s a really hard game, even on easy and the levels are large and complex.

Just made it to chapter 5, the way the dev’s handled the setting is fantastic in this, makes me hyped for their new game.

Is this on PC or console?

Uh, and their new one is . . . ?

I have it on the PC, dunno about consoles.