Space Pirates and Zombies 2 - Third dimension confrimed

First, Tom gets the scoop on his podcast:

Here’s the official trailer:

Let my shame at “confrimed” be forever immortalized.

I loved the original, but man, the pacing. It’s an awesome game, but just not one i can spend 50 hours with. Hopefully they’ll tighten this one up so that i can enjoy it.

Wow looks totally different - it will be interesting where they take it.

So it looks like it can be played either in top-down or 3D mode interchangeably? I will have to go and listen to the games podcast to find out. I loved the first game, although like Space Rangers 2 I keep restarting it and only getting a few hours into it before getting distracted, and then I miss it and have to start again.

That was one of the things Andrew Hume specifically mentioned in terms of what they were doing differently.


Nice! Never could get to the end game in the first one but had a lot of fun with it.

I never could get into the first game either, but I like the concept enough to absolutely purchase this one.

For someone not at work who had a chance to listen to the podcast already: did they talk about the new direct control and controller support in the new one? Their mouse-based boring base gameplay kept me away from the first one, but direct control makes it sound more like Star Control in terms of the moment-to-moment gameplay.

It’s “3d” in quotes, right? The action seems to be in the same plane, and even there is external camera that imitates the previous perspective.

Yeah, their feature list mentions direct control on a 2d plane.

I do hope they expand the gameplay quite a bit. I did like the first one, but it was very repetitive. I finished in beta, and then many months later I tried to play the release version and it just couldn’t hold my interest.

I loved SPaZ. I played through it before it got to Steam, then again when it was on Steam.

I’ll gladly go back to the SPaZ universe for some more outer space zombie apocalypse.


Guess I should dig back into SPaZ to finish the huge galaxy I was playing in.

Thats a really good transformation to 3D. Is the same artist that did the 3D and 2D graphics? It captures the style of Spaz completelly.


So about 2.5 dimensional stuff, it makes me think of Starfleet Command, which is good. However, it also makes me think of Star Control 3, which is not good at all. The first S.P.A.Z. was okay, but yeah, I’m glad to hear that the developers want to address the pacing problems of the original.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Star Control 3’s 3D camera implementation. I preferred playing in that view once I got used to the abilities on the new ships. What was sorely lacking in SC3 was the balance and well designed asymmetric ship abilities like in the first two games.

I resemble this remark…though maybe not day one. We’ll see how the hivemind likes it. I love the concept, but hated the combat enough that I couldn’t play it for long. We’ll see how the second one looks.

Yes, i loved the first game but it was too grindy, something they addressed numerous times after release, never getting quite right.