Space Rangers 2 demo

I wasn’t able to find a more direct link – it seems like for now it only lives on this page:

If anyone is brave enough to find out, I would love to know if this uses starforce…

EDIT: Yikes – 970MB.

HOT DAMN I’ve been wanting to try it.

I detect a guinea pig. Would you be willing to check for starforce before and after you install? bats eyelashes

It’s also up at Fileplanet now here:

Gamershell mirror:

Sure. Are you coming on to me?

Because I’ll risk anything if it increases the chance that I can try out a great game AND GET IN YOUR PANTS!

Oops I said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud.

Okay, hidden devices before install.

Hidden non plug and play after install:

Looks okay. (Assuming I did the check for Starforce steps right.)

So no Starforce?

Did you reboot?

Maybe more importantly, did it ask you to reboot?

Believe the most recent versions of SF do not ask you this… or its just a property set during the installation so its entirely up to the people making the installer…

Honestly, no problem in that department, google for a Starforce removal utility and get the official one (Though it looks and acts like a virus more than an official utility).

Install the thing and run the utility. If it doesn’t find starforce it’ll let you know.
If it finds, it will take it down.

There’s no problem in checking for starforce. But I must admit my burned CDs quality did improve after removing it (Or maybe I’m just imagining things, donnu).


Evil bastards

I did reboot and found no change.

The voiceovers in the opening cinematic are HILARIOUS. I love Eastern Europeans.

That’s actually Americans imitating Eastern Europeans. Believe it or not, the original voiceover from the UK version is worse; that voice talent might actually have been Eastern European. Judging from the quality, it might actually have been one of the developers.

Cinemaware said that the new version is a goof on Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it sounds close enough to the UK opening to assume it was also intended as a homage to the previous version, one of the most unintentionally hilarious opening cutscenes ever.

Aw, man, that’s terrific. I might buy the full version just based on that alone.

GOTY 2005, easily. Everyone needs to buy this.

IIRC, they are already working on the sequel, which is rumored to have time travel in it as well. Should be great.

Is the downloadable version 29$? I might have to get it once I get my new computer done, so I don’t waste a download.

I’ve been trying to play this, but it crashes as soon as I try a ground mission. Can you play the game w/out ever doing a ground mission?
And I just installed the latest omega drivers for my ATI mobility video drivers, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

You can play w/o doing a ground mission, yes. I did about three of them then stopped. Weakest part of the game, IMO.