Space Rangers 2 demo

I finally found a thread on another site where others experienced this exact problem. One said that switching ground combat resoution away from 1280x960 (which is what I have it set to I believe) fixed it for him.
Another said that changed the refresh rate settings w/in the program (huH? why would they have it as a setting? I guess cuz it’s a small shop, never got around to putting in auto-detect code perhaps)
So looks like I have a few more things to try tonight. Wish me luck!
Also: thx to the previous poster. I’ll continue to play the game whether I get ground missions to work or not. I just wish it didn’t have StarForce… I hate having to hunt for the CD to play the game.

Turning down the res and/or eye candy in the system menu should resolve the problem.

If it doesn’t, the next time you’re offered a planetary battle mission, choose the dialogue option that says something like “Don’t ever offer these to me” and you’ll never be bothered with them again.

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I downloaded the demo but I left it at the intro screen for probably an hour. When I returned I got 2 turns into the game before it said "your evaluation period is up.


It’s a turn based game…make the demo based on turns…duh.