Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Is anyone else interested in this game? It looks like a combination space opera RPG/RTS game. The screenshots make it look very promising, but I THINK its from Eastern Europe, land of dubious quality:

–Explore the galaxy which evolves as you progress through the story. Fight in turn-based mode in outer space and then switch to 3D real-time battles on the surface of planets.

–Dozens of possibilities for character development. Freedom to shape your own destiny, become a Space Ranger, Trader or Scavenger.

–Dozens of main and additional quests. Build and customize giant war robots and challenge The Dominators in space and on planetside.

I didn’t even know the game existed until I stumbled upon it at Gogamer’s website.

Yeah, it looks freaking awesome. Looks like Star Control 2 or Starflight, but with land combat too. It was originally due out in April, but was delayed. Hopefully that means they are squashing some bugs and doing a halfway-decent translation (the text in the screenshots on Gamespot looks ok).

From what I read, the first Space Rangers was good, but was never officially released in English, but there was a fan translation.

The new game comes with the original Space Rangers.

The original was great fun. An English version was made but never (previously) released. It’s sort of a turn-based Escape Velocity Nova (with a realtime mini-game when travelling through blackholes) with a very colourful art theme.

It was developed by Russian Elemental Games and apparently sold a shitload in Russia.

Yeah, I am all over this like white on rice. I loved the first Space Rangers, so this is a no-brainer.

Nice, hadn’t even heard of this game.

It’s now on my “first day purchase” list.

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