Space Rangers 2 questions

Well I am about to give up on this game, I can’t beat keller. I can not even come close to killing him. I get owned to fast by him and his buddies.

Are there any invlunrability cheat codes or anything?

Did you pound him down to half health before you went into the black hole after him? Me and the group of BSes had him to about 2k before he fled, and he stays there when you catch him in the black hole.

I only managed to get the colloition forces to attack him once. Most of the time they ignore him, and if you asked, the say “what are you crazy?!”

So no, they didn’t pound him to half health before I entered.

Well that was the key to me… I had about 6 other ships pounding him with me (although I could have eventually taken him down myself, he wasn’t damaging me)… Having him at half health made it doable, just.

I think I had a bit of luck, because when I made my dash to the exit, the shields were already gone. Might have been the location Keller had died at earlier, or maybe I destroyed it earlier when trying to find anything that would help me in the fight.

You can find Keller outside the black hole?

Yep, he often comes out of the black hole with a bunch of Dominators to attack systems. He’ll hover directly around the blackhole and when he gets to half health, he buggers off.

I think you have to approach him early in the battle for the system, though. I jumped into Keller’s system after almost all of the Dominators had been routed by a squad of rangers. As I approached Keller, he immediately bolted into the black hole. Cowardly, triangular bastard.

He’s still in the black hole, though. I didn’t even see him outside it when I caught him.

Anyone want to buy my copy? I’ll never play it again most likely now that I’m done it. It got a lot of my time.

So what’s the best weapon for hyperspace fighting? I found Keller today, and the multi-resonator seems the best, because I really don’t have to aim it. It shoots out the little green things by itself.

The disintegrator and turbogravir appear to kinda suck. One’s hard to aim, and one just kinda flies around and does nothing.

I’m thinking of dismounting all my weapons and stuff usless in hyperspace and just loading up with 4 multiresonators for the battle.

The one after the frag cannon (fragment weapon, fires two bolts) is good in hyperspace… It’s a seeking weapon. I actually found the disintegrator to my preferred weapon… It’s hard to aim, but it does a lot of damage. The weaker ships it only takes two hits to kill with it.

All the weapons are good at point blank range. That’s about the only way I could hit anything with the disintegrator. The wave phaser is a homing weapon in hyperspace, so check that one out.

The missles are great because they are unlimited in hyperspace and they home. You can keep him just at the edge of your screen and hit him while backing up.

– Xaroc