Space Rangers 2: Reboot

I just noticed this in the Impulse store. My palms got sweaty. Is this the Space Rangers 2 2.0 patch I’d been waiting for? Certainly came out quietly, goddamnit!

Frantically I read the description, but this wasn’t the description of an expansion it was the description of Space Rangers II, so either the writer was useless or it wasn’t the product I expected. I look over the features list and this makes it sound like what I’m looking for, but then I see “Two new game modes: text-quests and planetary battles” and remain as confused as ever, especially as text quests were even in the original Space Rangers AFAIK.

Not that it matters because clearly we’re into some seriously wankerous publisher territory here with this being available only in the US and Canda. Is this 2.0? If so it’s time to engage the proxy and teach someone that the Internet isn’t regional.

I want to know this as well.

Right now!

Ahhh it is! :

Ugggh… Will this work with my UK retail Spacerangers 2 with Starforce?

I don’t know if Brad can comment, but I’d be interested in hearing whether he tried to get worldwide distribution with most games, or if it wasn’t even up to the publisher they were working with or something.

Did they ever patch the European version to not require starforce? I kind of want to play my imported version again but don’t want to put that on this PC.

This is clearly the promised expansion. “Requires Space Rangers 2 to play”.

Exactly what I’m wondering. It took me forever to purge Starforce off my PC after uninstalling it the first time…



I put on my cowboy hat and my Yosemite Sam mustache…

use a proxy?

anyone have a link to what’s new/added in the expansion?

Can I borrow them?

It doesn’t really make any sense, since I’ve already got Space Rangers 2 in my SDC/TGN/Impulse account. Why not sell me the expansion?

That is so ridiculous.

Apparently, you can’t use Stardock Central with Cinemaware titles…you have to download and install Impulse.

Impulse didn’t find my GC2: Twilight installation, so I think I’m stuck using 2 different launchers/updaters now. All so confusing.

Cinemaware? What Cinemaware titles are on there?

Defender of the Crown
Neighbors from Hell
Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation
Patrician III
Port Royale 2
SR2: Reboot
SR2: Complete (2 + Reboot)
Tortuga: Pirates of the New World

Cinemaware publishes all that stuff? I thought it was Ascaron or whatever that euro publisher’s name was. Did they acquire them?

If so, what kind of a boneheaded move was that?

Anyhow I digress

I want to know two things, really: What does it add? And can I run it on top of my (US) retail copy of SR2?

I suppose I’m not wholly against buying the original off Impulse as well just to ditch Starforce, but it’d definitely delay my laying down any money at all.

Ugh, the only patch I found for the Excalibur-published UK version is this:

Space Rangers 2 & StarForce & Windows XP 64

This Space Rangers 2 update should allow StarForce to run on Windows XP 64 Bit Edition. You can download the update (8 MB in size) from here:

“Hey, starforce is a piece of crap that doesn’t work on 64bit XP. I have an idea! Instead of removing it entirely, let’s patch it so it can ruin that OS too!”


And can I play only Reboot content? Primarily Reboot content? Or is it mixed in among all the original missions at random?

I’m looking into seeing if we can release tomorrow for worldwide. Checking now.

[li]Five new text quests.[/li][li]27 new planetary battle maps.[/li][li]10 new hyperspace battle maps.[/li][li]More than 50 new governmental missions of different types to complete.[/li][li]New unique equipment.[/li][li]Two new game modes: text-quests and planetary battles.[/li][*]Improved galaxy searching system.[/ul]