Space Rangers 2: Reboot


Alright so in my current game I´ve done way more than 20 tasks and killed more than 500 doms, where do I get the unique science ship? science stations say nothing about them.


I’m really struggling to understand basic things in this.

I jump into a system, and random races ships will be hostile to me. They’ll attack me, I’ll defend myself, and even more random ships become hostile and all the planets become hostile too. What’s going on?


When you create a character and a profession, you’re told then whom is initially hostile to you. After that, your actions make a race hostile or friendly to you.


In addition to that, pirates will be hostile to you if you look like an easy target. If they can’t scan you they don’t know, and if you have a lot of weaponry they’ll leave you alone. However, you can’t really afford either a strong shield or heavy weaponry early in the game, so generally you want to be fast to run away from fights, and you don’t want to enter systems where the planets are hostile.

Blowing up a ship makes planets of the same race as the ship hostile. Even if it’s a pirate. Space Rangers 2: HD addresses this by making pirates a separate “race,” no matter the race of the pilot. So blowing up a pirate in SR2: HD only makes pirate planets hostile.

You can improve your relations two primary ways: blow up Dominators, or fund PR projects at Business Centers. The PR project approach is easier in the early game, since it takes a while to get to the point where you can take on Dominators and win. The “fund orphans and widows” project, for example, improves your relations with everyone.

There are alternate methods, such as individual bribes to planets, but generally they aren’t cost effective.


I figured that, but defending myself against the hostiles ships makes ALL races and ALL planets (even if a different race) in that system hostile to me, or at least lowers my reputation.


From what I remember from several years ago:

Different star systems are controlled by different factions. Stop jumping to a start system at random and notice what is their faction and race, then you will know which systems are safe and which are hostile to you.


Attacked a pirate base out of curiousity. My relations with every single faction and every planet in the galaxy went negative.


Pirate bases are still considered bases prior to HD. There’s no question that the implementation of piracy often didn’t make much sense, and it certainly didn’t pay. Nor did pirate hunting, really, unless you had a specific quest to nuke a pirate, and even then you had to consider the faction hit carefully.

It’s funny, this conversation has made me appreciate the fleshing out of pirates in HD more than before. I hadn’t really thought about how important making them a separate faction was for hunting pirates. I was too focused on explore the “be a pirate” campaign it added.


I have HD: A War Apart


There’s a game in the Android app store called space rangers: legacy. I’ve only played it a few minutes, but it seems to be a port of the space rangers PC game.


Upon further examination, it’s free with IAP. I can’t tell if it’s pay to win or what.


Oh wow, gotta check that out! Thanks!


“Space Rangers 2: Reboot” is no longer available in the steam store. Anyone know why?


Nooooooooo! I was just about to finally get around to playing it this year! Maybe…definitely was going to think about it.

Maybe they’re going to reboot the reboot?


Because it has been replaced by

Edit: oh, and apparently they originally used the MP3 format without licensing it or something and so the publisher decided to stop selling that version rather than fix it? I’m getting that part from a GOG thread and am confused.


I suspected it might have been “replaced” by one of the other Space Ranger titles currently on Steam, but none of the names stood out.

The naming of this series has always been completely wacky, e.g. that one looks like it’s a Remaster of SR1. Rather than SR2 or SR2:Reboot. But then again SR2: Reboot is a remaster of SR1, as SR2 is really SR2: Dominators, etc.


Er…no…Reboot was SR2’s expansion pack, before it was pulled so it could make way for this HD revamp of SR2. I think Reboot was also the name of the combined game and expansion pack as well, which was confusing. There was never a remaster of SR1 I believe.


See! Confusing! It wasn’t rebooting anything!

Space Rangers is on par with Street Fighter’s naming scheme.


Someone on RPS was complaining that with SR2 HD being the only title sold digitally anymore you can’t actually get the first Space Rangers digitally now. And I was like “but SR2 came with SR1”…well, not in the HD version, apparently. And that is too bad. I think SR2 is the better game, but even so.


And it’s more historically accurate.