Space Rangers (2)

Eventually, you’ll be able to buy a “does everything” hull. My current ship has 545 spaces, 15 points of built in armor, 4 weapon mounts, 2 “non-standard” tech mounts, and spaces for repair droids, shields, and a gripper (as well as the usual engine, fuel tank, etc). While I could use it for trading, I don’t. I’ve outfitted it as a combat monster and fill its hold with the spoils of war instead. At this stage of the game, that’s more profitable. And it needs to be–the ship cost me hundreds of thousands of credits, and my next hull upgrade will probable crack the millions.

I haven’t tried SR1 yet, but by all accounts it’s largely the same game but with a slightly different backstory, and no ground (RTS) combat. There’s no compelling reason to play SR1 first, although it’s a nice bonus. You don’t miss out on anything since you can get a summary of the events of the first game from the Ranger and Science stations in SR2.

I am really annoyed that this thing still hasn’t shipped.

Oh, and when I sent them a question asking why… no reply… That was last week.

One other thing I found out about SR1 from the official, and nearly dead forum is that there are only about half the missions available in the English version compared to the Russian original. The party line is that a lot of the missions were based on Russian cultural references that wouldn’t make sense in the West, and/or there wasn’t the time or resources to translate them.

You could cancel the order and get it shipped from the UK. should sort you out.

So does that mean that SR 1 should be skipped the non-Russian speaking audience ? :)

BTW, the The excellent PC game store in Pasadena seems to have some copies. I might go up there this weekend and grab it.


Tip I picked up the other day: Press F when plotting out a flight path to turn on the afterburners. This doubles your speed, but wears out the engine quickly. EXTREMELY useful for escaping or chasing down, or just getting where you’re going a lot faster.

Anyone else get their ass handed to them by that practice drone you fight in the tutorial? I had to go down to the planet and repair myself… maybe I picked a crappy race/ship at the beginning (human/fighter).


How useless are these bastards? Ignore my email, then when I phone them today they go…

“Oh, we don’t ship to Canada.”


Buy another gun, not a mining laser, the frag gun. He smokes you if you’ve only got the starter laser. I’ve got such a sweet 27 cargo unit frag gun, with extra damage (25-45) and range. Cost about 10,000 though.

I finally upgraded to a new and larger hull. This one is a bit slower; even with my spiffy upgraded speed 500 engine, I only make about 470 with a full cargo hold. But at least I actually have room for cargo now, and some armor as well. I was getting tired of being blown to bits by pirates.

I like the market reports that you get at the Business stations. They’re pretty cheap–only about $100–and they often have some pretty lucrative info in them. I still make more money on missions, but a good trade run can pad out my mission income considerably.

I will say, though that I agree with others here that the RTS mini-game isn’t that great. It seems to be all about two things: rushing, and babysitting units. If you don’t start claiming bases ASAP, you’re going to get crushed. Turtling–even a little–is a guaranteed losing strategy. And the unit AI is atrocious. Units seem to have no comprehension of when they come under fire, or what their weapon ranges are. The “defense mode” and “attack mode” auto settings are only useful for getting everyone killed. And the only way to take out a turret is to jump into the cockpit yourself, because if you order a unit to attack a turret they will walk up right next to it, even if they have weapons with a longer range than the turret. From the cockpit, you can rule the battlefield, but then you aren’t able to babysit the rest of your units, and they all get killed.

Worse yet, the rewards for these missions are, as far as I can tell, terrible. I just spent 50 minutes fighting a ground battle, only to end up getting 1900cr and 450xp as a reward. Lame. The upside is that they seem to be entirely optional. In fact, this is the first such battle I’ve found, in many hours of playing.

So, for you folks that are further along–are they really optional? Or do these battles play a bigger role as the game goes on?

Any reputable game reviews of this yet?

Only English review so far…

So I just ordered it. As if I don’t have enough in my game backlog. Damn you all to hell. And thanks.

Yes, they truly are optional. I’ve only fought 4 of them in my 20 game-year career so far. They can pay very well, though, and present no risk of expensive damage to your ship, so I find them worthwhile.

You’re 100% right about rushing being a good idea, but I have no trouble taking down turrets. I just lasso a group of 9 robots, hit “a” for attack, click on the turret, and down it goes.

Robot design plays a huge role. My default is 3 missle launchers, one repairer, a mortar launcher, and the special module that makes enemies miss 50% of the time. Obviously, this requires the best chasis to mount all the goodies, and the total package is costly. Very effective, but costly. However, after the battle, the built-in repair capability ensures that any survivors quickly regain full strength.

I just noticed something really unique. If you go to a government and request a mission (say, deliver this package to X system), you can say “have anything easier?”.

What this does is give you more time for the mission, but for less pay. So, for instance, it may give you an extra month to deliver the package, or take over a planet, etc., but for 300 less.

What were they thinking, putting flexibility in a quest system? That’s almost a must have feature in every game going forward … don’t the idiots know this kind of flexibility leads to expectation ruin for other games?

Also, I noticed that other ships request your help a lot from pirates. Aren’t there any police in these systems? It’s Anarchy, I tells ya!

Speaking of anarchy, I saw a planet with the planetary government of type “Anarchy”. I’m betting they don’t pay their mission bills on time.

Me: “Yo, I destroyed that Dominator threat in the Artares system as requested. There is the unpleasant matter of the credit transfer”.

Anarchy represenative: “Hahahah!” Throws a glass of blue ale in my face and jumps out the window

I’ll be giving this government a wide berth.

forget the non-existant reviews and look at the fact that pretty much everyone who has written a comment about the game on the forum likes it. that should tell you all you need to know!

Yes, they have a deputy police force. It’s called the Space Rangers. ;)

If anyone, aside from me, was interested in getting a glimpse of the game before plunking down the bucks, there’s a trailer for the game here:

My order is in.