Space Rangers HD next week on Steam!

I pretty much only ever skipped the RTS part. It’s just too simplified and dull. I really enjoy the arcade mode and it’s pretty damn cool that every weapon has a “space” version and an arcade version.
What I loved most about this game was probably the best text adventures and the customisations / weapons / artifacts. Every upgrade is so powerful that it’s incredibly rewarding to progress in the game. The items are so fleshed out and they all matter so much. Looting terrific stuff from enemy pilots and “the threat” is just magnificent fun to me.

I could see myself getting completely lost in a sequel if they fleshed out the universe even further, I would enjoy seeing the competing rangers have more abilities and personalities. I think it comes down to the fact that I just love the idea that you’re just one guy amongst 50 pilots trying to make it in this world. It actually saddens me when I eventually start killing them off and the list grows shorter and shorter.
Teaming up with planets and going on sector raids is also a perfect idea, it’s so rewarding being the little guy in this epic battle with ships that are at first much more powerful than yourself, against a common enemy.

As I said, it amazes me how many things they got right with this game, and I don’t remember being put off by its open world design and lack of explanations.

On the negative side;
I think I remember repair costs being too expensive and that equipment degraded too quickly so it became a chore to keep everything fixed.
I do wonder if you can actually lose in the game though, I figure it’s possible that the aliens take over everything but I don’t think I ever came close to seeing that, I’d probably like to see a harder game in that aspect.
If I remember correctly you couldn’t get permanent allies, you had to rent them as mercenaries and they would always chicken out and flee when fighting the aliens.
Needed more ship variants, I feel it was too obvious what “the best ship” was.
Yes, and the fact that the game got a bit lonely when there weren’t many pilots left.

So when is the English version out?

Thursday, Debt Ceiling Day.

Should I really buy this game a third time? Seriously?

(Who am I kidding, of course I will buy it and lose another two hundred hours to the damn thing… favorite turn-based game in ages, maybe ever.)

I only ever played the “tutorial” RTS game, and while it was pleasant enough it struck me as a puzzle not a tactical challenge - I had to replay it several times until I hit upon the right combination of units to actually win the final battle. I suppose you could loosely call that tactics, but there didn’t seem to be any room for alternative tactics with the limited unit selection and the long, linear corridor you had to trudge your units up. No idea if later maps are any better, but judging from comments here I’m guessing not. I didn’t get to one of the text adventure games. However, I am inspired to give it another go at some point. It’s still in my Steam library.

The later maps are more open and they include multiple enemy factions, so they’re quite a bit more complex than the tutorial.
I also don’t know if I’d call it a puzzle because I think you could win with different unit types (and on the other maps, different paths). That said, I found that there were fairly clear optimal designs (certain hulls have the most HP/cost and certain weapons seem to have the best DPS/cost). Beyond that it just seemed to come down to a grindy micro-management spam. The enemies have way, way more units and resources so you have to ambush them then pull back to repair your bots, rinse and repeat… a lot. If you like RTS and you need some quick cash, it’s probably worth playing through the first 1-2 missions past the tutorial.

I could have sworn the search function was mentioned in the tutorial, but it’s not hard to find. It’s one of the menu options when you’re in dock. In the original game there weren’t a lot of extra options to narrow it down, you pretty much got a dump of all the nearby planets and their market prices for all goods. I didn’t find there to be any real energy barrier to learning that part of the game at all.

So one of the new features I’m digging the most is the new pirates are a threat. They can take over entire systems now, and if you’re on okay terms with them, you can watch them totally swarm around a system without bugging you. It’s really nifty (and kinda scary) to watch.

So far the search function has worked fine as well with different commodities.

Exciting! Can you give some more details?
What happens when a system is controlled by the pirates?
Are the planets still accessible in a pirate controlled system and, if so, do the options when you are landed change?
Can you fight for the pirates against the coalition?

I’d be curious to know how different this is from the original. I don’t think the pirates could formally take over systems in the SR2 Reboot version I played, but they could certainly swarm a system unopposed for long stretches of time. I can’t remember (or maybe I never figured out) why the local military/police didn’t do more to shut the pirates down. It seemed like certain groups of pirates could attack with impunity in many systems, perhaps because they were aligned with the local race or something like that? And of course, some systems had pirate space stations just sitting there. As far as I know, those bases were never attacked either. I guess they’re all state sanctioned somehow.

In other cases, I was all too happy to see military ships launch from the planets to drive off those pirates.

It’s wackadoo. I’ll be in a system and it’ll be fiiiine, I’ll land, do my business, take off and boom, pirates everywhere. This happened at least a couple of times in front of me, while other times I’d get a report like one would get with a Dominator attack.

The next two questions can be answered by: it depends entirely on their attitude toward you. Some pirates, you have an awful rep with and they’ll attack you on sight, others you have an OK rep and will leave you be. Even the ones that hate you can sometimes be bought off if you have the coin.

I believe you can switch sides because one of the steam achievements has you switching back and forth 15 times I believe. Not sure how this is done though.

Easiest way, based on my experience with earlier versions, would be to donate lots of money at Business Centers. There’s a project you can fund which improves your relationship with the pirates. Getting them pissed at you is easy, blow up a few pirates. I bet they don’t like you funding system defence forces either.

I guess that is US-only. It’s not on steam when I search, there is only a trailer. And when I click on that - ‘This item is currently unavailable in your region’. Ah well screw it I’ll re-install the old Impulse version (if it still works).

Ohhhh, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

Very psyched for this, but I wish Steam would acknowledge its existence. It’s supposed to release in what, three days now, and search just takes me to a trailer link that’s region locked.

Same here, what with this and pool nation out on thursday should be a good weekend of gaming.

Me too. Is the publisher only American?

Does it have StarForce?

Supposedly, this releases tomorrow. However, there’s still no functioning link for it on Steam and it doesn’t appear in the “coming soon” list either. Does anyone know if we’ll actually get to play this on Thursday? Because I wants it, my precious, I wants it!