Space Rangers HD next week on Steam!

I was told by my press contact Thursday was the day, so hopefully that still rings true tomorrow.

I cant find it on steam however GMG and Gamers Gate both have it to pre order and state a steam account is needed. £17.99 seems a bit steep to me.

20 Euros is only high because I’ve already played the base game so much. I’ll be surprised if they’ve managed to make it feel like a new game but if they did, 20 Euros is nothing.

Hmmmm, I’ll go back to playing Space Pirates and Zombies and wait for a sale on this.

£20 is high when you could pick it up for £2 ,If its more than a HD reskin then maybe £15 would be ok but i will wait till it hits £10.

Well, it’s not a reskin, it has a new pirate faction with their own quest line, new text adventures, new rts missions, etc.

According to site and forum, it’s a total rewrite as they don’t have access to the source code of the original developers. Which makes it a big investment on their part. And a slight risk on on the part ofmpotential customers as it may be totally bug ridden. Although gameplay and mechanics remain the same.

This is why Mr Rubin comes in :) and tells us whether to go for it.

And it seems to be released for Europe. The US steam shop don’t even have a release date!

My review will be up tomorrow, but, spoiler, its awesome and I love it.

Interesting. Are they slavishly recreating the gameplay and mechanics, or using the original as a jumping off point to put their own stamp on it, I wonder? This is definitely a “wait for review” scenario. Also I just noticed, the title of this thread is “Space Rangers HD” and not “Space Rangers 2 HD”.

Mr Brian seems to like it. That will be enough for me =). Provided I can put down my 3ds… So many good titles out recently that it’s crazy. Some of those good titles will not have the financial success they deserve =(

Can you answer if they improved the RTS minigame? This was the one thing i really hated about the game and after doing a couple i just refused to do another for any reason.

I take it you also think it is worth $20 even if someone already owns the non remake?

No offense to Mr. Rubin, but he may not be in a good position to assess the differences (i.e., with the ‘new’ pirate faction) if he hasn’t played the original very much.

Likewise, the ‘new’ RTS missions may not be much of a selling point if everybody(?) here agrees that the RTS bits were mostly junk anyway.
I still hope they do well because I’d like to see a SR3, but I’m waiting to hear some more comparisons between SR2 Reboot and SR2-HD before I decide if it’s worth another purchase.

I will probably wait for reviews.

There are no pre-order bonuses or sales that i can see. GMG doesn’t even have an active 25% off for preorders code as far as i know.

If reviews are positive, i will just get it from GMG for $20 probably.

Them supposedly remaking the game from scratch is something that makes me very nervous.

It’s weird because I see posts that mentioned that he didn’t play it much. But he only mentioned that he didn’t like it AT FIRST. But played it after he restarted the game after reading someone’s post. That was YEARS ago. So I actually read that he DID play it a lot but didn’t at first. And he played it in 2009 if I recall the post correctly, and he played a LOT.

So I actually felt very weird that some mentioned that he didn’t play it but I didn’t bring it up because he didn’t correct that himself.

Of course, I can be wrong in my interpretation of the posts.

Edit: I actually thought that the RTS was a quick way to setup some money during the stage when you were seriously under powered in your ship, the RTS were quite easy due to the spammy nature and an idiotic AI. But yea, after the first few quick bucks, you’ll be setup very nicely from the cash gained from the RTS and don’t need to do them again. Until you fight one of the bosses which RTS is compulsory.

Yeah but do you $25 love it?


The RTS part is still stupid, but it looks shinier I guess.

I honestly don’t recall playing it a lot back in the day. I recall starting it a lot though. I played SR2 enough that I can see differences here, like the pirate stuff and enhanced equipment, not sure if that was in Reboot though.

Ok I stand corrected.

Uh, I don’t want to derail or quibble over Mr. Rubin’s gaming history. Only he can say what gaming horrors and wonders his eyes have seen… But I was referring, primarily, to this post from 10/12/13 :

So anyway… I think Brian’s obviously well versed in the world of spacey games, and his opinions/perspectives on any and all spacey games still carry a lot of weight. But if his experience with the old versions was primarily in the tutorial section, then I think it’s fair to say that he might not be in a good position to compare the non-tutorial gameplay.

Anyway, all this preview discussion got me to dust off my GoG copy of SR2 reboot, so I think I’ll install it this weekend. Maybe then I can start comparing notes with players of the HD version.

Guys, I’m right here. ;)

What are you still doing here? You need to start playing SR HD so we can decide to buy this thing or not! In the meantime the guys will just be discussing your space gaming competence dispite your lifetime spacegaming record. :P