Space Strategy fans - this has been a good year for us!

Wow, I look back at the last 6 months; think about this current month; and realize just how fortunate us space strategy pc gamers we are. We have:

  • Gal Civ 2
  • Space Rangers 2
  • Star Wars Empire at War

All 3 games provide a ton of replayability and are excellent. I think if Star Wars EAW’s AI is attended to a bit, + mods = better play experience, and lots of fun for a long time. I just hope the AI can be tweaked without implementing major cheating.

Gal Civ 2 is just incredible. Customizing ships AND your race = HEAVEN! I just love all aspects of the entire game. I also get that warm fuzzy feeling when I look at my cool outfitted ship designs.

Space Rangers 2 - Could not believe how good this game was. I spent more time playing that game, than any other all last year. Some people didn’t like them, but I truly enjoyed very difficult text puzzles. It was so nice to get that kind of mental challenge, plus the very dynamic make-up of the universe with encroaching Dominators really made you feel like a Hero with a collision course with fate. But watching all the different races go on “doing their own thing” - and being able to go along with missions, or just watch thej play out was pretty cool. Really made you feel like the entire Galaxy was alive.

So, as some people might moan about some areas of the gaming industry, I’m happy to look above and see what great games we’ve got in this genre. Did I miss any games that fit the 3x or 4x space strategy field?

You can customize your race in GalCiv? Almost like Stars! ?.. damn, that was an addictive mechanism and multiplayer in that was awesome. If I can find a replacement for Stars! for me and my mates I think I’ll die and go to heaven…

In case you weren’t aware, GalCiv2 does not yet support multiplayer. However, Stardock has committed to offering it in an expansion or such if the interest is there, which it definitely is. They omitted it from the game to spend the budget on the SP experience, and 99.9% (AMMV) of the players were not disappointed.

If they can match or exceed the CivIV MP experience, I’ll be a happy camper.

I was a big Stars! fan too. I guess the sequel went the way of the dodo, though. Shame.

With space rangers 2, I’ve heard talk about it having starforce on it, when it’s release retail in the US later in march, do you know if it will have it on there?

The year is young still too.

There’s Sword of the Stars coming and Space Empires V. It’s going to be a great year for space 4X fans.

Yes, sir.

You know, for all this space strategy talk, why aren’t more people talking more about Space Empires IV, or the upcoming SE V for that matter? (At least Brad mentioned it…)

SE IV Gold is now available on Steam for $20. You don’t even have to put on clothes to get it. It’s definitely worth picking up, unless you’re waiting on SE V at $50.

For those of you who love custom ship building, completely customizable races, and deep resource trees, SE IV is for you. Seriously. The UI is klunky, and the graphics are pretty bad and low-tech, but the gameplay is super deep and very solid.

Sorry to sound like a shill. It just seems strange to have everyone talking about good space games, when Space Empires clearly deserves to be in the conversation too…

SE IV had lots of serious problems, and it’s been around forever. SEV will hopefully solve the issues, I’ll most likely be grabbing it when he releases it.

You might as well have said “Why isn’t anyone talking about MOO2?”

SEIV is one of my alltime favorites. I even released a few mods for it. SE V is on my to-buy list for sure.

I’m looking forward to Sword of the Stars - but am concerned about Space Empires V. The new solar system graphics don’t look too hot. Everything looked so much cleaner in SE4…

Anyone know when Space Rangers 2 is supposed to be released in the US?

I’m planning on buying it, but would prefer to wait for the NA release. But if it’s a long ways out, maybe I’ll just pick it up through gogamer or something…

Brad, I have to say, and I know you’ve heard this a lot, but your game is just excellent. Truly excellent.

It’s what MOO3 should have been. Even better than my expectations.


I’m just glad that this year strategy gamers get some choices!

I mean, wow. We start off with Civilization 4 which was just incredible. Then that galactic civ game.

Sword of the Stars interests me in particular because they have very distinct races. I want to see how that works out because it could be really fun.

Space Empires V has me pretty excited too though I’ve heard they are going to have the combat in real time. Hopefully that’s an option as I tend to like pure turn-based.

Has there been any update on Stars Super Nova?

And hopefully all of these strategy games perform well enough in the market so that we see more of them in the future.

And then hopefully we’ll see a revival for CRPGs as well.

Dead as a doornail, as far as I can tell. The Mare Crisium website is MIA, the main fansite is likewise dead. I never heard any “official” cancellation announcement, but I don’t think we’re ever seeing another Stars! game.

Look for it at the end of next week.

The Mare Crisium guys were pretty closed mouthed. Last I heard they were over budget and out of money, and looking to get some external financing. Never heard anything after that.

Ironic, I was going to say something about seeing Mare’s site MIA, but didn’t want to depress the thread :)

I really liked the graphic design they had for the game. Even for being many years old it still stands up. I remember posting in their forums many times… it seems Mare Crisium was holding out for no less than full publisher financing and when no one took him up on it he said “screw it”. The main guy behind it had another full-time job so he felt no need to press.

Aha, that would explain why it wasn’t in the store on Saturday. I picked up EAW instead and have enjoyed it so far. I’m a little worried that it will get boring though, because the limited units coupled with the 10 unit per map cap means the tactical battles could get pretty repetetive.

However, it’s the first RTS I’ve played longer than a day in several years. The strategic game plays more like real-time Civ than Rise of Nations’ Risk-like game, and you don’t have that stupid “we’ve forgotten how to farm” mechanic that drives me away from most RTS’s after the second game. I just wish they’d fix some of the bugs.