Speak to us of YoYos


Not bad, needs more fire.


This topic needs more yo-yos


My first progress report.


👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 amazing!

Also, stop slacking, you damn slacker:


Man, it’s been 10 days since the yo-yo arrived!

Seriously though, I still have work to do. I can usually catch the yo-yo at the end of the bind, but I still sometimes end up with it all jumbled up in my fingers. Once I really have it down, I’m going to work on the technique to wind the yo-yo when it’s been at rest without crank-winding the string.


This is what happens when you are an obsessive old rich person.

I’m just gonna… stop posting in here for a while as this is getting embarrassing. (for the record, that’s the bronze continuum, I liked the feel of the gold one so much I wanted another.)


By now you must have a custom display case or rack for your collection, right?
If so, I’d love to see a photo of it.
I’m trying to imagine the glory of all of those beautiful yo-yo’s properly displayed.


Someone on the subreddit posted a cool strategy for yo-yo display:

Firstly get the raw wood soda crates from your local Michaels Crafts While on the webpage, click on coupons and nab the 50% off one, That’s it, buy each soda crate as a separate purchase and you will get both for 50% off.

Gonna give this a shot.


Thanks for the bump. I think I have that simple bind down. I’m able to do it every time and I’m barely looking now.

The side-throw though? Yeesh. No dice. I have a ways to go on that.


At great personal cost to myself, I have managed to capture a secret spycam video of @telefrog’s yo-yo training regimen


I ran across this yo-yo at Amazon. Well okay, I didn’t just run across it. I was actually looking for a yo-yo as a gift for someone (this thread caused the idea - and I’m always in need of inexpensive gift ideas).

Apparently, this seller has two of these remaining in the original packaging, and they are from 1999! With digital display!
Is it too gimmicky?
Or is it cool?



It’s from 1999, so the battery is mega-dead. I’d get a powerball with RPM readout before that.


These things are really cool, because you can build RPMs with the right movements:


Also if you are looking for value yo-yos I recommend this for $13, includes extra strings, gloves + bag, and comes in blue, black, green, or red:


Add $8 for a total of $21 to get the fancier splash colors, if you want that:



These are all responsive yo-yos so they are a bit simpler to use as well.


I guess I was assuming the battery would be replaceable. :(

Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate it.
You are my yo-yo guru.


I had to get one of these, because reasons

Also @telefrog and anyone else learning unresponsive, have you learned to throw the UFO and reverse-UFO yet? These are essential because they de-tension (or extra-crazy-tension) the string depending on how you throw (to the right, or to the left).

Note that he is demo-ing on responsive so it returns.

For unresponsive you don’t need it to return, this is just a faster way to de-tension the string without taking it off your finger. You’re just fixing the built up string tension.

I need to learn a few more binds…


Oh! I do this all the time, except not on purpose, and the yo-yo doesn’t wind up. Also, I usually bang my knee with the yo-yo.


Another video of you practicing has surfaced!


OK! I have five of these Magicyoyo K7 gift boxes to send out to any continental USA based folks (because it’s much easier for me to ship by dropping some stamps on it, sorry non-USA folks)

the box includes…

  • an unresponsive metal Magicyoyo K7 (you must learn to bind)
  • sweet yo-yo glove
  • 5 extra strings
  • new unresponsive bearing installed and lubricated by me*
  • string pre-installed by me

It is a perfectly serviceable metal yoyo with hubstacks (you can grab it by the sides and spin it, if you are so inclined). It works fine in my testing!

Simply PM me your continental USA address and I will mail it out. First in, first served. And just to keep things fair and not-weird, you must have an account more than 1 year old, with at least 50 posts.

* with freaking thin trumpet valve oil, get your damn mind out of the gutter


I would jump on this but you were already kind enough to send me a yoyo. Which has been fantastic except for the adjustment to unresponsiveness which makes yoyo-ing HARD all over again. :)

Thanks, by the way! I received said yoyo. I meant to PM you that.


Oh yes, my special friends get even nicer yoyos, very nice ones indeed.


Not that everyone reading this isn’t special in their own way. Except you. You’re not.