Speak to us of YoYos


This thread has been tweaking my interest for long enough. This sounds like a great excuse to give this thing a try. Thanks so much for your generous offer! PM sent.

Any particular recommendations for a noob to learn how to get started, or should I just head to the first site google points me to (https://yoyotricks.com/)?


OK! One left, if anyone wants it, now is the time to PM

All taken!


I strongly suggest learning how to throw an unresponsive yoyo in a room without anyone else watching, because you will look like a stupid dumdum for a very long time trying to figure it out.

On the bright side, it is less painful than learning a balisong, which, by the way, @wumpus, should be your next obsession because you look cool as fuck doing it. I have a dull one at work that I flip around whenever anyone comes into my office and annoys me. I attempt a latino accent and squint and call them ésé.

They also make great fidget gadgets because you can flip a balisong while sitting at your desk working, no need to stand up.


There is also kendama and diabolo, many Yoyo places also sell those. Have not tried them myself.


I got a yo yo in the mail from wumpus! Thanks sir! Its super fancy!

I can’t make it do anything. I tried for about 15 minutes until I couldn’t take my wife’s mocking any longer. I’ll have to wait for some alone time to continue my training.


Told you, dude.


Took me about a week but now I can bind it when I want and can do man on a trapeze and his brother pretty reliably. Lots of fun.

I bought a cheap “responsive” yoyo off Amazon and, well, it’s just sometimes responsive. Usually when I don’t want it to be. I’m adjusting to unresponsive thanks to the awesome yoyo I got from wumpus (that’s what the status update above is referring to) and might just stick with that.

Any suggested strings on Amazon? I ordered the responsive yoyo as I mentioned and it came with strings and they are pretty bad.


Got my wumpus yo-yo today! Thanks, @wumpus! I am grateful.

First impression: This is the nicest yo-yo I’ve ever owned. I think the last one I owned, my father gave to me when I was a teen. But apparently, the ones my father gave me were not unresponsive. This bugger is going to be a real trick to master. Hell, it took me a few minutes just to figure out how to wind it.

edit: Aha. There’s another box. With more strings…and a special yo-yo glove? I missed this part earlier.
And a handy diagram, which I shall study.

Wow. Thanks for taking the time. Appreciate it.


Um…yes, this is true.


Oh this is a knife. I’m not into knives. Also, not always legal…


Because I am obsessive of course I have tested a lot of boutique yoyo string. I recommend “Kitty Fat”. It’s widely available, plenty of colors to choose from, and has solid quality. Simple polyester string, no fancy 50/50 cotton or any nylon blend. Thin strings are bad!




Yeah, I just have a dull practice one because real balisongs are terrifying. Imagine learning to use a nonresponsive yoyo except when you mess up, rather than having to tediously re-wind it, you sever a tendon in the back of your hand and suffer permanent nerve damage.


Yeah, I don’t want to be “that knife guy” but I am OK being “that yoyo guy.”


I just got my yo-yo today. Thanks, @wumpus! Looking forward to figuring it out.


Is there a distinction between a modern “unresponsive” yo-yo and a classic long-sleeping yo-yo like the various Yomega toys? I grew up with the Fireball and Raider, and I keep meaning to order replacement strings and a new axle for the former but keep forgetting. If newer entry-level unresponsive yo-yos provide a better experience than a Fireball would, I’m all for trying one of those, but I have a soft spot for the Yomega stuff, which looks slick (for being plastic, anyway) and feels solid in the hand.


Woo! I just did my first successful trapeze into bind. It seems strange to say it, but, what a rush!


These are called “looping” yo-yos now and only used in 2A.


aka this

If they have ball bearings inside they are probably similar, what year are yours from?


Looking around a bit, the Raider I have is actually the Bandai-licensed Hyper Raider, which I have because a dollar store we used to have here (which was noted for getting some very interesting products from time to time, including real-ass PC games) got a bunch in at one point. If I had known better at the time, I would’ve made an effort to get more!

No ball bearings in the Fireball, of course, and the only other yo-yo I have at this point is an X-Brain Wing I picked up at a thrift store years ago. (Also the only functional one at the moment, sadly - like I said, I need to get replacement strings and such for the others.)


Oh questions about that video. Where do they sell baby ducklings in a pet shop? Do people adopt them as pets (I’m assuming that’s a pet shop)?

Second, not so much a question, but didn’t realize ducklings had that kind of cat-like interest for objects. So funny!