Speakeasy DSL Deal

In case you haven’t heard, Speakeasy DSL is offering a free Xbox or PS2 with setup on their service. It’s only available for 10 days.


It seems like a great deal…unless like me you live somewhere that DSL IS NOT AVAILABLE. I called and they won’t give you the free system with a dial-up account. I would’ve taken it too since my Dreamcast currently has no connection to the Internet. Thank God Comcast brought cable internet access to Reading after years of waiting.

Still…I would’ve taken that free Xbox.


Yeah, but what would you have done with it?

I would sign up to that deal too, if they offered it in my area…

Damn, I still don’t own an Xbox.

Well obviously the Xbox is an enormous device capable of keeping doors open, dogs tied down, phonebooks from blowing away…etc. However, I would probably have rented a few games for it, used it for “research” (without an assistant!) and then watched as it gathered the dust of ages upon its mammoth frame.

At least I think that’s what people would expect me to do with it here… :)


Nice incentive…but their monthly rate is pretty high for me: 384/384 is $119/month.

Then again, they are getting MGS2:Substance first. Bastards.

The more I think about it, the best thing about getting an Xbox in the US is that I wouldn’t have to go through this to get one…

A snip for your enjoyment…and mine…

About face, and I’m about to leave, but I spy a flash of green in the corner of my eye. I head down, past one of the rows of PS2 games, past the DVDs, then past the porn DVDs, and there, I find a small pile of Xbox units stacked unceremoniously in the corner. Right along side DVD delights such as “Ugly Black Man’s Dangerous Copulation” and “Horny Nurse pie secrets” (answers on postcard).

Phew. So I’ll just get one of these. I try to lift the top unit up. Stuck. What? Pull harder, it stays put. I swear, I am not making any of this up. It literally seems glued to the next one. I ponder how many hapless, guilt-ridden Japanese gamers got this far, failed to get this top Xbox to budge, then scurried back to the safety of the PS2 shelves.

The shop assistant finally gets it loose for me. It seems that over time, the sticky price tag had become fused to the machine below. In console circles, you might as well classify this as the sheer magnetic weight of loserdom. The assistant lugs it back to the counter - it’s practically bigger than he is - poor guy. He’s being slow. Suddenly I am intensely aware of a queue forming behind me, regular gamers with copies of PS2 and GBA games clenched in their hands. I want to get home.

The clerk is still being agonisingly slow. He wraps the Xbox twice, puts it in a bag, then covers the top of the bag with a dark black plastic slip, usually reserved for men carrying bags of porn. I pay with my point card, and leave the store.

I have a 10 minute walk to the station. On the way there, I lug my Xbox through the dense Shibuya crowds. A flock of school girls walk by, they’re staring – I can practically sense their disapproval of my purchase through the anonymous black porn-plastic of my bag. Hip young street gangs eye me up, babbling on their cell phones. Ooh – they’re saying to each other – here comes one of the retards who bought one of the 2,000 Xboxes that’ll be sold nation-wide this week.


Then again, they are getting MGS2:Substance first. Bastards.

Yeah, but we’ll just see if they get the Snake Boarding minigame.

“Nice incentive…but their monthly rate is pretty high for me: 384/384 is $119/month.”

Now I see why they can do this. With that ridiculous rate they will make their money back in a few months.

Geezus, I was paying $39 ($54 after the $15 for the ISP) a month for a 640/128 through QWest. Spose the 384/384 would be great for folks who want to host a 16 player game, but that 128 was more than I ever needed.

Who is getting that, anyway? I heard that it was questionable for the XBox version, but will the PS2/PC versions be direct ports of that or might they contain additional features?

I hope it doesn’t take too long for the PC version to come out…

I looked into using Speakeasy a while back, in connection with some other gamer-related promotion. As I recall, Speakeasy maintains very strong backbone connections with few hops, purportedly giving lower pings than most other ISPs. They also let you run servers and such, which most others forbid. It is more like buying a business connection than the typical home connection, thus the higher cost.

Yea those ‘perks’ can be nice but still the speeds are way too low for the price IMO. I mean so they let you run a server but you only have 384K. If I’m doing that then I want at least twice that bandwidth. They give it one way but crimp you in another. IMO still still not a impressive deal.

Eh…a free console is nothing to sneeze at for most people. Even if you go with an average connection rate, you’re getting something extra for the money. According to the fine print, you really only need to stay on through the trial period to keep the console.

I would have investigated it seriously if they would’ve been able to supply me with service. As it stands, DSL isn’t in my neighborhood and it isn’t coming anytime soon either. Verizon just didn’t care to fix things to allow for DSL here.


When I looked at their DSL deals a while back, I was appalled at how expensive they were. I can get a cable modem @ 40kb/sec up and about 250-300kb/sec down for $40/month. Why would I bother paying ~$100 month for a slower connection? It’s crazy.

Cost & speed were precisely the reasons I went with cable instead of Speakeasy. I’m getting somewhere around 1.1 megabit downstream most of the time, and upstream is about 256k, for $40 a month. My ISP generally blows, and pings could be better, but it is hard to justify at least tripling my cost & getting significantly lower downstream speeds.

I’m not complaining about my cable, believe me. I get 1.3 to 1.6 megabits downstream. The service hasn’t been down yet, pings are good and gameplay is always smooth.


Who is getting that, anyway? I heard that it was questionable for the XBox version, but will the PS2/PC versions be direct ports of that or might they contain additional features?

It’s been in all the PS2 previews I’ve seen, so I assume it’s a lock for that platform. But it sounds like they don’t have enough time to work it into the Xbox version before it is supposed to ship.

Please tell me and the rest of us here where you can get a cable modem with 40kb/sec up that’s being provided through one of the major carriers; doesn’t involve uncapping; or is something that isn’t just where you have access to.

So far, most cable providors cap you out at around 15kb/sec up. That’s just about anywhere.

Cox’s cable modem access caps your upstream at 256K/sec…FYI.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s what I get.