Speaker system to complement a HDTV?

So, I’m looking for a speaker system to add to my future purchase of this Samsung 50" DLP HDTV.

Main concern is the price. For the TV and the speakers together I’m shooting for about $2,500 US total. The average price I’m seeing for that Samsung is about $1,800 - $1,900, leaving an estimated $500 for the speaker system. Secondary concern is that the speakers can not be huge and “stick out,” at least the rear speakers can’t.

Though a bit out of the price range, I’ve been looking at this Polk Audio Surroundbar. Looks really nifty, so I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with it? It seems to average about $800, and that’s without a subwoofer, so it’ll probably run up to $1,200 at least; but if it works as directed, I might just go for it.

Vomit. Get a real surround system. That sound bar thing is almost a grand and doesn’t come with a receiver (which you still need). Baseline, I’d look at Onkyo’s home theater in a box setups. I don’t trust anything that claims it can give you surround sound all from the same place.

If i suggested the logitech z-5450 wireless surround speakers with the dolby surround decoder/receiver, would i get laughed at? cuz that’s what i use, and it rocks pretty hard.

Multimedia speakers like that are fine for situations where space is limited, but given he’s going with a 50 inch DLP I think he’d be happier with the expansion and performance potential of a real deal receiver.

… with gold connector plugs!!

No, they’re good. Not as good as their wired predecessors, but those rear speakers has a much higher wife acceptance factor. They are made for gaming/pc’s so I think they’re a bit too heavy on the bass - but that works well for action movies. I have the Z-680 set in my living room and those Logitech sets beats all equally priced ‘home cinema in-a-box’-sets I’ve tried.
But with a 50" HDTV I’d probably spend a bit more on a better set, that looked cool too.

The Polk Surroundbar works surprisingly well. Before hearing for the first time, I was really skeptical because those types of things never sound good. The Surroundbar, while not quite as immersive as an actual surround system, does a great job in a small space. But like Brad said, you still need an AV receiver plus the subwoofer you already mentioned.

For anyone on a limited budget, I’ll always recommend they get the best surround receiver and stereo speakers they can afford. That way, you can start with quality and build on it once you can afford the rest of the components. It’s better to end up with a kickass setup instead of a cheap one you only bought because it was in your price range. Believe me. I’ve done it and regretted it later when I had to replace everything instead of just a few parts.


Thanks for the replies. Looking at this Onkyo HT-S894 5.1 system right now. Seems really good for the price of $800 U.S. I’m finding. Any opinions on these Onkyo setups?

Onkyo makes the best HTIB setups measured in features, sound quality, and value for your dollar. They’re actually low-end component systems, so they’re really in a different class altogether, dramatically better.

However, the sony “dream” systems sound pretty damn good, don’t cost very much, and are tiny and gorgeous. So keep them in mind.

Edit: check out this deal

I have the $600-in-2004 Onkyo 6.1 setup and I’m very happy with it. Great price/performance. But I’m no audiophile.