I need a pair of speakers for the computer as a “stopgap” measure for the next couple of years, until Kiyon makes me rich and my wife can get the ones she wants and I can reclaim the Tannoy PBMs.

(Yeah, I know, it’s not appropriate to use near-field monitors in your living room stereo, but we get the best sound out of our current system when we pair 'em with her old-but-excellent mini-bookshelf speakers, and she’s not willing to pay any money on ANY other A/V equipment until after we’ve bought Those Speakers.)

It doesn’t have to have great bass response or awesome trebles, but it has to have excellent mid-range. It doesn’t have to have a professional S/N ratio, but I must not be able to hear anything with no sound and the volume raised to just-above-normal levels. And if it costs more than $50 for the system, it’s really going to be out of our price range.

Any recommendations?

Excellent mid-range? Under $50? Driven by your soundcard?

I’ll bite. You want headphones. Try these or these, or these.

Have you ever tried to put headphones on a 14-month-old baby? Doesn’t work.

Has to be speakers.

I have a separate (professional) power amplifier if they’re purely unamplified speakers.

Then I got nothing.

What’s the kid listening to?

Logitech make excellent pc-speakers for the price. Z-40 is probably a bit too expensive, but x-230 are below your limit (but not as good). Of course there’s a limit to, what you can do for $50 and their focus is more on bass than midrange.

Interesting wife you have there, mine would never let me put anything as ugly as those speakers in our living room, no matter how good the sound.
Me, I’m saving for these. Or these if money were no option and I wanted full size great speakers, that still loooked like something I’d want in my livingrooom.

That thing looks like a production model of Woody Allen’s orgasmotron!

Ahhh, the Meridian DSP8000. You have to hear a pair to believe them. Once you’ve done that, of course, your soul is lost for all eternity.

The low-end model (that my wife will “settle” for) goes for $18,000. I forget whether that’s for the pair, or apiece. I certainly hope that’s for the pair, because it’s not terribly useful to have just one.

You get full surround sound with only two speakers, but that’s not why you get them. You get them because they are damned near perfection.

Ugly? Try hearing a pair once sometime. You’ll suddenly be thinking of how beautiful they’d look in your living room…

Kid’s just listening to stuff on the web + playing on a synth. A subwoofer is out of the question. And the speakers don’t have to be great; they just have to not be annoying.

My friend’s a sound engineer and can notice difference between good speakers, great speakers and re-mortgage your house speakers.

I can’t.

I like the combination of the terms “low-end”, “settle” and “$18.000” in the same sentence. I still think they’re too big and ugly - they look like speakers. [winkysmiley]

The Jamos I linked too are in the same pricerange (but at least not referred to as low-end) and I’m sure they’re just as good… and that my eyes will glaze over, if you try to explain to me, why they’re not.
And they look good.

Me, I’d be happy with tha Anthony Gallos - which I feel are expensive for speakers and definately where my spending tops - I’m lucky that my ears are neither that refined or… dare I say it, snobbish.

I use Cambridge Soundworks Model Seventeens for PC speakers, driven by an old Vector Research receiver. The company doesn’t make them anymore, but if you spot a used pair on eBay they’ll probably be near your price range. I paid only ~$67 for mine new on closeout.

I listen for midrange too, and am very pleased with these little boxes on value for money. No hiss at all. The late Henry Kloss modeled them after his KLH Model 17s from the 70s — I think they were the last product he designed before he died.

are you good friends with runswithscissors? anyway…

It really makes a difference what music you’re listening to. If you’re listening to pop, the best speakers will make things sound worse, not better.

Also, if you’re not someone who can immediately tell the difference, try this. Put in a good but not great CD and see how long you can listen to it at decent sound levels – louder than background music, but not so loud you feel pain. If you feel like leaving the room before the CD’s finished, or turning off the stereo, or turning down the volume, what’s happened is that your ears have become fatigued. Usually happens because your brain is filtering out the things you don’t like to hear.

The real difference between the sound engineer and the normal joe is that the sound engineer is able to tell when (and what) his brain is trying to filter out, or has trained his mind not to filter things he doesn’t like.

Yep. The class these speakers belong to goes well into six figures if you have the money.

Good rec. Thanks, I’ll take a look!

I went by the local computer store to see what they had.



I think I’m just gonna use the cheap plastic ones until the day the Meridians make it into our home.

Hey Rimbo,

Read this.