Speaking of creepy TV: "Someone's at the Door"

I imagine one of you can name this show in ~76 secs. (w/o Google, mind you)

I loved that show. Mystery, that country kid from Slingblade, a small town full of stories. Need to find it on DVD.

American Gothic!

I don’t remember a whole lot about that show, but I do remember being creeped out by that girl.

Yeah, that was a cool show.

I thought this thread would be where I would find out it had just been announced for a DVD set. Dammit.

It was probably my favorite show at the time, and I was ready to kill any number of people at CBS, as they kept preempting it. I remember sending them an angry email one evening when it was preempted, with no notice, with some ice skating show. That’s the kind of television behavior that makes Baby Sheriff Buck cry.