Speaking of E3... (get together)

I know we had a QT3 get-together last year, which I didn’t go to because I think I was too busy working out or something. Do folks have any interest in doing it again this year? IIRC you all went to Casey’s last year, which would be fine with me since it’s right down the street from my office. As an extra incentive, maybe Derek will come and kill me with a dart or something.

How about we do it in your office this year?

Then Derek can kill you where you work…

I’ll be there. I didn’t find out about the last one until Foodbunny and Matthew Gallant came back to our shared hotel room after they’d returned from it. :(

If people are up for it this year, I hope to actually tell Casey’s in advance we are coming so they don’t start glaring at us when the clock strikes 10:01pm.

Alternatively, we could just start the party at the Fig’s pool bar… then we won’t have to make the drunken stumble.

Someone call Tom’s gym and bribe them into telling Tom they’re fumigating that week.