Speaking of image posting

I have never had an account of any sort to store images, because, well, I just never looked into it. Are there fees or limits or restrictions? How do these sites earn income by providing a free service?

WHich one do you all prefer?

Photobucket works fine. I think you can store 2 GB or something and some large amount of monthly bandwidth for free.

If you’re just talking about storing amusing crap to post on forums, I use Image Shack personally, but if you want something for storing actual photos to share in albums or something, Google’s Picasa or Flickr is probably the better bet. I assume Image Shack just makes some money off their banner ads you see as a user when managing your stuff.

Photobucket has a really low resolution limit now. Great for smaller forum and avatar images, but Flickr is probably better overall.

I use dreamhost for all my hosting needs. For a pretty low yearly fee, I can put anything I want up on the net easily. It’s worth it to me because I use it for so many things, I wouldn’t get it just for image hosting.

I have my own web server in a closet with a dyndns.org subscription.

There’s also picasaweb, which you can upload directly from picasa and either public share or select share web albums. Oh, and you can link the pics in your blogger entries.

I <3 Flickr!

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