Special Space Force - Space Army Manager with narrative combat

I love army build n fight games. This looks very much my cup of tea! Thanks for sharing!

My only suggestion from your description is consider scoping down or out the scripted story campaign. That could be a lot of effort. You are making a procedurally generated game , you dont need some space bar mashing to skip story stuff here.

The narrative story campaign will be a scripted save, if you like, that has tutorial elements built in. Because the entire thing is story based (the narrative combat is a story description of the battle essentially), every campaign will write it’s own story, and users will be able to add their own narrative elements, when I’ve worked out the kinks! xD

However for all intents and purposes, the story in the tutorial will be scripted to have certain events happen to give a set story, which will then open into a regular galaxy with pre-set values. A starter galaxy if you like.

I hope that doesn’t disappoint!

Sounds great! I love that approach! Just as one colleague to another, pick one path, writing cool stories/dialog or generating them from string buckets. Not both. My taste is for the latter!

Also unasked for advice from a fellow developer: Ignore the tutorial or scripted missions until after you are Alpha. You will have to rewrite the FTUE anyway when you final so no sense in doing it too early. Also you can often get to Alpha with no scripted tutorial hoops and discover players prefer it that way so win.win.

Anyways good luck! I will be purchasing!

Hmm, that is a very valid point. It would make the prototype phase easier O.O though I am concerned that it is pretty confusing and complex right now, so I don’t want people getting lost.

Thank you! I will try and keep updating stuff here as development goes on!

Strong agreement. I don’t have Rod’s experience but I have more than zero, and any time spent on tutorials and such is going to be wasted or even negatively impact velocity until your mechanics are good and baked.

Gotta find the fun before you can lead people to it, right?

If you’re lucky enough to have some enthusiastic community members, I’d recommend seeing if you can encourage them to write new-player guides that you can highlight on your store page / homepage / forum / stream / twitter. Community folks love that stuff. They’d rather you spent your time working on the game anyway ;)

Thank you guys for the input! I am taking notes! :D If I manage to get a community I will be very lucky I think, it’s hard to get these things off the ground, isn’t it? Too many games already in the pool!

I would love to have a few enthusiastic members creating content for people to use! Fingers crossed people see something in this!

You’ve certainly hit the right crowd.

I don’t have a pedigree, but I’d say it might make sense to hack some scripted missions to test whether some idea works, but ONLY if it’s a prototype that is quick to make and that you will throw away without thinking twice. And that you really trust yourself to have no exceptions on that only, not even if it looks like a good idea.

When you say to hack some scripted missions, what do you mean by this?

Seems right up my alley as well.

Hi all!

I’ve managed to finally get the Devlog together and uploaded for Version 0.3, it’s more of a walkthrough that anything else though.

You can view it here - Fancy You-tube link

It runs through all the elements currently in the game prototype, and explains a little about where it’s going next. It also marks the end of the bug-fixing period for version 0.3 and the start of development of version 0.4!

Have a great day everyone :D

Quick Update!

Works going well on implementing a new threat system that spawns enemy invasions, natural disasters, cults and other lovely things on your planets!

The way it works is by calculating the strength of the player’s force with a points system, kinda like miniature wargames. Then it calculates how many threats already exist and, if that strength is lower than a maximum value, spawns more threats.

This means there will always be new fights awaiting your troopers across the galaxy.

But that’s not all! If you leave a threat alone, it will grow and become more threatening, potentially even stealing planets and systems from your faction!

Make sure you keep an eye out for threat icons, missing one could be a very bad mistake.

Check out more Special Space Force Stuff on our website!

Just a quick update! Firstly, there is a new link to the testing server, so please use this link if you want to get involved!

The new threat system is also underway! The nature of the system allows you to add your own threats, missions and enemies to the game, all as part of the AI race creation!

These are entirely XML created, and you can even edit the missions and threats that I create if you want them to be easier/harder!

I have also taken the time to create new template layouts for squads and troopers, and even added nicer backgrounds and artwork! Here is a squad position for a group photo!

Hi everyone!

Work has been progressing at a steady pace, and now I can show off the threat system as well as an example of xml code that is used to mod said threat system.

Threats are the forces of an enemy, or space monsters, even natural disasters that you will need to send your troopers to solve, either through application of force or by other means (rescuing puppies etc) You can add your own threats by creating xml files and tying them into either the existing Race files, created by my, or by creating your own race files for completely scratch built alien races!

From the threat file you can add missions, which appear on screen and are selectable, and allow your troopers to go into battle! While the battles aren’t yet available to play, they are coming very soon!

In the future, you will be able to add images and sounds to be played via xml, as well as load your own 3D models, and you can already use xml files to add your own armour, helmets, weapons and equipment!

See a bit more about threats here - Feature Focus Threat System

You can see a bit more about the threat xml files here - Feature Focus XML Stuff

If you want to follow along more closely with development, I post much more regularly in the discord server - https://discord.gg/XP58gxH8wY

You can also follow on Instagram or Facebook!

If you like this idea and want to help support new , please feel free to share the above videos in any gaming groups, or post your support here/on the links I just shared :)

Thanks for reading!

Excellent update, i look at your site for the roadmap! Im excited to play this once it gets close to release!

Looking great dude!

Thanks guys!

I hope to create a proper road map once I finish the prototype - it’s a key part of helping people understand where the development is going to go!

I’m also looking at another name, as I feel Special Space Force is a little unprofessional, even if it does describe it pretty well! If you want to vote on the new name, or even vote for it to stay the same, head here - https://linkto.run/p/BJOKW1JY

My 2 cents: ditch the pseudo-Latin and initialisms that resolve to long, clunky names that sound like a subsidiary of the IRS. They’re forgettable. Also ditch Special Space Force, if for no other reason than it sounds like a reference to the politically charged real-life “Space Force.” But you had the right idea with that one in that it’s short, and has short words. Star Corps is on the right track.

I personally like ISF
Interplanetary Special Forces
IPSOC is my favorite after that

ISF is simple and to the point, and what you would likely see in some novel or big budget movie about the subject. Space force has too many negative connotations to it at the moment, and not very elite sounding.

Overall, I’m getting very mixed results, it appear that like everything in life, people have very different opinions on what makes a good name for a game xD Even Special Space Force received as many votes as Star Corps, and the most voted for was only 2 votes ahead of that (only a pool of 28 votes though)

To be honest I really like Legio Astra, which was a suggestion on the Discord server, but I equally like IPSOC, which is styled after the very real MARSOC. I don’t have to choose for a while yet, so maybe back to the drawing board again to come up with some other names.

In other news, I tested the first version of the narrative system today -

It’s basic, but it does what it’s supposed too. This is just running an intro to a combat, so next up I need to make it find and display stories/text about the fight as the player steps through it.