Special to Tom Chick

AV Club does Tom’s favorite movie.


Another reason for me to be ashamed of being born in the seventies.

Bah. It doesn’t do the movie justice. I figure once Twins of Evil finds its way to DVD, it’ll finally get the resect it deserves. Kind of like The Car, which is perhaps the best James Brolin horror film about a low-rider ever made.

I’d just like to mention that I paid $50 on eBay for an original Twins of Evil one-sheet, which is framed (another $30) and hanging in my office. This proves that 1) I’m a big fan of the movie and 2) you can sell all sorts of trash on eBay.


Wow - that sounds like a GREAT bad movie! There’s nothing like a Saturday night with the beverages of your choice and a couple of really good bad movies (alas, great bad movies are rarer than great good movies.)

Not on DVD, eh? ugh, no chance of Netflixing it then…

It’s hard as hell to find on VHS even.
Normally I wouldn’t care, but Peter Cushing, vampires, and Playboy Playmates? I’m curious.

The only problem is that all of the full-frontal nudity is Peter Cushings’s.

Hmm, obviuosly we want deleted scenes onn this one…