Species or Aliens vs Predator 2?

  • Species
  • Aliens vs Predator 2

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Species at least has the hot naked chick in it, but neither can claim to getting a “better deal”.


I haven’t seen AvP 2, but given that sequels are more commonly a step down from the previous film (and AvP is complete garbage), I’d have to go with Species on the basis that it contains a naked Natasha Henstridge, which was a totally inappropriate thing to watch with (i think) 12 year old me and my mother but nonetheless, that is what her boyfriend at the time chose.


I’m gonna say Species just on the relative strength of the cast. Fun fact: I saw Species in the theater with my mother. That was fun.


They’re both terrible. I had such high hopes for Species. It had Ben Kingsley! And Natasha Henstridge! But yeah, it was really bad.

But at least it was fun to make fun of. With AvP: Requiem, it was just a sad thing to watch something that video games had done so much better be put on the big screen with such bad scripts.


Species wins, but not because it’s much better than AvP2. At least with Species, you can marvel at Ghandi, Doc Ock, Hera, Idi Amin, and Mr. Blonde fighting a naked Natasha Henstridge.


Whoever wins, we lose.


I remember enjoying AvP in the theaters, and then a second time when I rented it and watched it with my Dad and wife while we all smoked cigars. Solid movie, I think, even if it’s nonsensical it has some great action.

AvP 2 was just stupid though, and a huge letdown. The worst in the franchise, imo.


And young Michelle Williams as young Natasha Henstridge!


The winner is Aliens vs Species


Oh yeah, they do both share a Giger connection don’t they? Funny I never thought about that before.


Dingus definitely got the better deal, but of course I’d say that, because I quite like Aliens vs Predator 2. Lots of action and some of it even good, R-rated grimness, reliance on practical effects instead of CG, enough adult characters to pad out the CW teens, an attempt to sprawl across a whole town. And huge props for the unexpectedly random death in the hospital, near the end of the movie, of a character who normally wouldn’t die in a movie like this!

Species, on the other hand, is just so awkward and half-baked and chintzy. The flirting between Michael Madsen and Marge Helgenberger, the inadvertently hilarious themes of sexuality and reproduction, the godawful dialogue and juvenile writing, the cheesy 90s production values and uninterested direction, the absurd climactic battle in the sewer caves under Los Angeles, the nudity. I mean, seriously, I like a nekkid Natasha Henstrdge as much as the next red-blooded heterosexual American male, but there are better ways to see nekkid Natasha Henstridge than sitting through a Species movie.

But Species does have one thing going for it: it’s better than Species II.