Speedometer browser benchmark: show me yours and I'll show you mine


Looks like they are fixing this in Firefox 55, at least JS perf should jump a lot


On a snapdragon 835 phone, Chrome latest.

Better than I expected, actually. In the vague ballpark of 2016 Macbook under Safari (69), and a tad faster than a 2014 iPad Air 2 (48).


iPhone 8 just executed a fatality here

I just re ran iPhone 7 and it is 117.

2017 iPad Pro still at 149 in iOS 11.


Oneplus 5 results on Chrome latest

Kudos to the Chrome v8 team this is a 10% improvement for free over the last time I had this device in hand, just a few months ago.


Firefox Quantum is out, and it’s supposed to be insanely fast. Anyone?


I haven’t done any benchmarking, but it sure does feel faster.


Firefox was already competitive on javascript, the quantum changes are more in rendering and feel. It feels much faster.

Unfortunately they broke all addons including mouse gestures so fuck 'em. I switched to Vivaldi.


Let’s see: http://browserbench.org/Speedometer/

Results not directly comparable as I went from Skylake to Kaby Lake in that time frame, but today I get

Chrome 62      190
Edge 41.16299  148
Firefox 57     147

So yeah good news all around, especially for Firefox – 220 vs 190 is at the limits of what this test can measure and does not really matter.


It feels pretty fast, and woo hoo all of my add-ons have WebExtensions versions.

Memory usage doesn’t seem particularly reduced, though.


I gave it a shot, but the fact that Tree Style Tabs can no longer hide the top bar due to API restrictions kinda soured me immediately.

I also really enjoy Vivaldi, and it has been my primary browser for a good while now.


This worked great for me. Tab bar gone, TST header gone.


Mozilla owes you and the reddit thread a heap of thanks. This made me try Firefox again, as it fixes the two most glaring issues for me. Vertical Tabs Reloaded plus the ‘Russian Winter Nightly’ theme give a decent non-white look (Tree Style needs more color options!)


Oh cool. Glad it worked for you. I’ve been a loyal Firefox user for over a decade now and even I was considering switching to Chrome after the changes.

Of course then I discovered that you can’t get vertical tabs of any description at all on Chrome and gave up. That little bit of code saved me a bunch of headaches having to try out alternative browsers.


Charmtrap I was in your boat for the longest time. And of all things, what pulled me out of Firefox wasn’t my desktop browser use. It was getting a phone running android. Holy cow I LOVE the integration features I get between phone and other devices running it using my login.

Girlfriend messages me on Hangouts? I get the notification on my phone and all Chrome browsers.
Bad traffic going home? My phone alerts me and I get a pop up on my desktop because I’m logged in to chrome there.
Trying to find directions to somewhere? Chrome asks me if I want to send it to my phone so I’ll have it.

I could go on, but that was the final nail that killed FF for me. I still have it loaded, but once I synced over everything (something they made way too easy as well,) I was done. I’m glad to see them doing well, but I’m not sure I could go back, now.


I’m not sure any of that stuff is Chrome-specific. I get the same effects by simply having the Hangouts and Gmail apps on my phone and tablet.

Maybe there’s some extra functionality I’m unaware of by having Chrome installed, but “more notifications on my phone” isn’t really something I’m looking for,


Quite possibly it is all app related, though I thought the account sign-in on android phones was part of the link. But for sure, Chrome slowly took a lot of the things that made Firefox great along the way and made Chrome equivalents. So many years on Firefox though, I’m amazed it faltered in the race.

For a sad visual history, this article has some nice country by country views of most popular browser over time:

Look at the stark difference between 2011 and 2013.


About an hour after Apple announced the iMac Pro (which I had been waiting for), I ordered the parts for a new PC build (mini-ITX, 8700K, 1080 TI in a Phanteks Shift case with dual closed-loop WC – it’s… not bad!)

The Hackintosh installation for that (all stock MB settings, and not-yet-fully-cleaned-up clover config) is getting:

(Chrome and Safari get the same score, FWIW).

I’ll try again after optimizing the RAM, CPU, etc.


You shouldn’t be getting the same score in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. That’s a bit weird.


I didn’t test Firefox.


Safari and Chrome really shouldn’t be producing identical numbers either, though.