Spellbreak: Battle Royale with Magic instead of Guns

I noticed that this was available on PSN as a pre-order, getting you into the closed beta. Anyone playing it? I assume that it’s going to be F2P eventually, as buying the package basically gives you the cost of the package in “in game currency” upon release.

I was bored so I picked it up over the weekend, and played it a bit.

Like most battle royale games, it’s pretty brutal when you first start, as you don’t know what’s going on and you’re getting ganked by people who know how it’s going.

That being said, I’ve kind of acclimated to it, and it’s a neat little game.

You basically pick a class which decides your prime element. Then in a match you can find a secondary element, with various elements creating combos and stuff. Each element has two attacks, a fast primary, and a slower secondary that takes some time to recharge.

One thing that is interesting compared to other BR type games, is that this game is a lot more vertical than others, due to the ability to jump really high and fly around. You can’t just fly indefinitely, but you can kind of hover, although it consumes mana (which also powers your attacks), which recharges quickly once you’re on the ground.

Overall, elements of this actually remind me a bit of that Bioware game, Anthem, which failed so miserably due to mismanagement.

Pretty nice art style too.

Some info on how it plays: (although this is from a year ago)

Saw this was finally off of Epic payola exclusive and on Steam, so giving this a try? Did anyone find this any good? One of my fav Calibur streamers loves this game, so looking for other impressions.