Spellforce 2


SpellForce 2 has been the perfect game for me,a long time RPGer since the Ultima days and someone who "dabbles" in RTS games but tends not to be that good at them.
SP2 has meshed the two styles perfectly for me,it's a little light on the RPG side but conversely a little light on the RTS side=a lot of good gaming here :)


Thanks Warren. That description fits me pretty well too. I like heavier RPGs though, with more stats. Still, I also like Divine Divinity and Diablo and such. Are the RPG elements on par with either of those games?


I liked Divine Divinity as well Robert,I'd say overall it has about the same level of roleplaying to it as DD so far,although in a different style,and IMO much better RPG elements than Diablo 1 or 2.

There is a fair amount of stats to play around with,using a talent tree style setup similar to what WoW uses,so you can go more melee or more magic or a combo of both.

When you throw in the RTS side it makes for a very fun ride on the Campaign side of things,haven't tried the Freegame style of play yet,but it sounds interesting.Seems to be a lot of bang for your buck with SpellForce 2.



Improbably, the second Spellforce 2 expansion, Faith in Destiny, has been released despite the demise of JoWood in 2011. Can't find much online about it at the moment, though there's a brief split-screen gameplay video on YouTube. It seems to be a standalone expansion, and is currently selling for $18 on the US Steam store.


Hmmm...I am not sure I could go back to Spellforce. As with the previous games, the cover does help its case:


I saw that on Steam yesterday and it definitely made me raise my eyebrows. "Spellforce 2... that can't be the same game I was playing all those years ago, right?"

I'd be curious on what anyone's impressions on, if they try it.


The first review - and take this with a whole kilo of salt - says Faith in Destiny is brilliant. Exactly the same game as before, same graphics, new campaign. 12-15 hours play time. GamingXp.de gives 90%.


I had no idea they were even working on another expansion. I loved Spellforce 2, so I'm in.


I'll pick this up myself when it comes down in price.


The expansion is on a flash sale for Steam right now at $6.80 for the game or $8.50 if you also want the digital goodies. The sale ends at 11:00 AM EST


This is well worth a go if you ever enjoyed Spellforce. Native wide screen support as well, the last one I played didn't have that.


Well hello 2006 me. Picked this up for GOGpennies and having fun 8 years on.


I’ve had Spellforce 1 and 2 in my backlog for ages. At this point, is playing 1 worthwhile or if I muster up the will to install one of them should I jump straight to 2?


To be blunt I’d wait for 3 :)


It was only 2 years ago you were having fun with it! :-)


IMO Spellforce 2 is several orders of magnitude better than the first, and there’s no real story carryover, so you can just jump straight into 2 without missing anything.


But the one out in September is only $26.99!



But I still need to play 2!


I finally got around to trying this. Finished the first and half of the second map in the campaign (made it to the Baron). There really hasn’t been too much ‘RTS’ yet. Built a small number of troops in one part, was given another small group later. On the RTS side, I think this style game has lost most of its appeal to me. I tried AoE 2 HD and I just couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t stomach the Joan of Arc campaign in that one and couldn’t get interested in the skirmish - and the AoE series was my absolute favorite RTS series. I played a ton of it when it came out.

On the RPG side…
I much rather play something with more detailed / more tactical combat.

When this came out I probably would have liked it quite a bit, but I think time has left this one behind.

Boy this game reminded me how much farther along story telling and voice acting is these days.


Spellforce 3 has a beta… MP and skirmish modes I think. Going to give it a look :)