Spellforce 3 is a thing?


Or at least a beta.

The recent new Titanquest expansion from today led to looking at more THQ Nordic stuff, which lead to finding this also released today

Never really played 2, but have distant memories of the first (at least one or two campaign missions).


Yup, been a thing in the works for a while now.


This includes some single player content I’ve discovered. It is… like the other Spellforces, but probably a bit nicer looking.


Yes it’s a thing. I’ve been following this for a while now. It’s actually due to release in about 3 weeks (Dec 7).

What’s surprising is the throwback to a time when developers put out a demo just before release. I can’t wait to try it out this weekend. I’m a huge fan of this whole series.


Me too. Also a fan of your avatar.


I tried it because they had the balls to put out a demo. That alone is worthy of respect.

sadly, i don’t think I much like it.

Controls felt awkward (ctrl+middle mouse button to rotate camera, not just mmb) ditto interface (f5 for inventory, not i, mini map on the left not the right).

heroes felt ok. Nicely voiced. Story seemed ok so far. Nothing groundbreaking but good enough.

Combat is just boring. Everything dies like flies and your troops are more expendable than Russian penal battalions at Stalingrad. It’s truly old school in the sense of lasso a bunch of troops and throw them in, and focus fire on individual units.

No formation fighting, nothing. Kohan’s system here would have been…wonderful.

There’s a slow time feature but it didn’t seem to do much because your main abilities can’t be used, only things mapped to your slotime menu, and I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

Based on the 107 minutes I have just conclude playing, I would rate this at 6 out of 10.

I haven’t tried skirmish or multiplayer, just the tutorial map so far.


Minimap on the left? O.M.G.


I tried the demo as well and I was a little surprised that I couldn’t zoom into a third person over the shoulder view like the other Spellforce games. That’s a shame because for me, that was a feature that made these games special - more like roleplaying games than strategy games.


When I hold down Alt with the cursor over an enemy, a radial menu appears with my hero’s abilities on the circumference which I can click to activate. Are you seeing something different?


Right, same here. You can lock the camera to them, but not zoom right in as far as I could tell. Real shame.


The radial menu appears but not my hero’s abilities.

I’m thinking user (mine) error then.


Thanks :)

So, I have to say, after spending just a little bit of time with this, I don’t think it’s made by the same people that made the other 2 versions. This one is different somehow. It has a different feel altogether. I’m not sure if I like it yet.


So, Gamestar issued a warning and said that couldn’t properly review the game because it is too damn buggy.


The sad thing is I would absolutely like a new spell force or warlords battle cry, as long as it is fun.


GamersGlobal.de also decided not to publish a review yet and communicated their decision. Their reviewer couldn’t finish the campaign. According to him the game didn’t crash and had no performance issues, but had an increasing number of quest and systems related bugs while following the campaign.

It should be mentioned that Gamestar.de indeed warned not to buy Spellforce 3 now, but they’ve also clearly written that everything they’ve played so far (preview, early exclusive pre-review thing, final review version) hints at SF3 “becoming a great game”. It’s just too buggy and they’re not convinced it can be fixed until release.


Wow that’s not good news. The game is supposed to launch on Steam in about an hour. Steam reviews will tank if it’s that buggy, which will effect overall sales.


So - I purchased this a while ago, but held off playing, seeing that a new patch was out almost every day. Today, I wanted to just try it out a bit, and see just how buggy it was.

4 hours later, I can’t get enough - This almost never happens to me. This is one great game. It looks awesome, it controls pretty well, the rpg part is pretty cool, and not unlike Heroes 3, but with quite a lot of options, and the loot is varied and interesting. Heck, it even has Geralt of Rivera as one of the voice actors! The rest of the cast is pretty good as well, and the story line is interesting to me as well.

This is pretty much my surprise of the year…eh…last year, that is! Much recommended!


Is it true there’s no longer a kind of over-the-shoulder camera? That was what I liked about the earlier games.


That is true yes. Forget about it - don’t cling to the past - move forward! ;-) If that was ALL you liked about the earlier games, you’ll not like this much either.
Its a combination RPG and RTS - The RTS part seems competent so far, but nothing special. What sets this apart (To me, obviously) is the voice acting, the music, the scenery, the rpg stuff, the weapons and so on - loving it!


I tried the beta and soured very very quickly on the rts side of things.

Prithee tell me it’s been improved? It just felt like a very twitchy clickfest.