Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

I didn’t have those spells at the time.
How do I “hire workers”? Does this take a tower building I havent unlocked yet, or do you have to find a site that has them or?

I think the earliest workers you can hire are from a neutral city to the north-east of the starting area you probably selected. There is another, larger capitol building further to the west but the smaller town is closer. I think they have workes available every week.

I’m only on like tip 3 and I learned a few good tips already.

I’m having the exact same issue. It’s in my domain but the hex is red and says it’s conflicted. There are no enemy units on it and it will not let me into the hex.

@Scotch_Lufkin, did you run into this issue?

Yeah, this is what I was saying above - you have to take a stack into it to explore it, there is probably a story event/battle that will unfold (once it is in your tower’s domain by the way, I don’t think an apprentice shack cuts it).

Maybe that’s what’s wrong because it’s within my apprentice building domain, not my tower’s. Thanks.

I can live with that. I am just wondering if the skull-symbol does indicate anything.but ‘it’s a quest you have started’ (edit: that’s written in yellow). The crown-symbol seems to indicate ‘story-quest’. No symbol but plain white text seems to indicate ‘quest available, not started yet’. Usually a skull indicates “beware: danger, come back later or risk dying”. (edit no. 2: found it! skull means “enemies ahead!” / quest involves fighting)

Well, I like the game a lot so far but it is a little confusing early on.

I think there is a lot to learn on the first play through, which is probably going to help a lot if one plays again in a more difficult start location. I had heard, speaking of, on a dev video that the more difficult start locations are also faster starts in that they are surrounded by more lucrative resources and allies to join you, in theory. I haven’t tried anything except the “pleasant” starting location though, myself.

The second starting area has been pretty straightforward for my first playthrough, but I think it’s actually very close to the first one.

How are people enjoying their mage class so far? I went with Artificer and am a big fan of crafting runes to enhance my troops. I generally don’t like messing with consumables so I’m curious if the Alchemist has anything I’d enjoy?

He also states that it’s one of the best turn-based strategy games in the past couple of years. And someone else on his staff beta tested it for over 300 hours and thinks the game is a masterpiece. And I think he said something to the effect of it moves the 4X genre ahead in some ways.

I picked it up last night and played for about an hour. I like it so far. It’s too early to tell if I agree with any of his comments above.

Man, I love this game. The more I play, the more I like it. It’s so nice to see a 4X that’s not just the same as all the others. That said, it’s pretty tough, even on the easiest start.

I have a main quest that has three ghosts to kill and they are nasty. Is white damage best against them? I can enchant my units with a spell to give them white damage or I can use the Righteous spell to give them extra damage against undead. Which of the two is best?

It seems I have to move my city, I just got the spell to do so. Ressources are gone. I guess I am already way too late with doing so. Well, this a ‘concept’ I need to get used to. Although it seems like a nice idea, that roaming wizard tower. Must be shocking for the peasants whenever the tower arrives.

Certainly no need to fight, it’s just not a feature you care about. :) For someone like me, I’d say 80% of my game time is spent playing with a friend or family member. So lack of ability to play co-op often eliminates a game for consideration for me (like this one).

Of course, not all game designs work well with co-op and there is a big market for SP-only games, so it’s certainly not a wrong move to make a game without multiplayer. But for those people where MP or co-op is an important part of gaming, it’s of course a very desired feature.

The problem though is MP’ers on steam forums routinely brigade with multiple threads insisting MP be bolted on regardless whether the game was designed for it.

They’ll go so far as to argue and berate developers when they respond saying that’s not in the plans.

Exactly this, and I’m tired of it.

Yeah, you’ll need to get used to relocating your tower and apprentice lodges fairly frequently. I like it, lets you move your focus to other places on the map without needing to worry about everything at the same time.

I am playing this and so far my feelings are “Meh”. I am playing as a necromancer, and according to that video above, that is a bad idea for a first play through. My units are weak, do not heal, and its not easy to get resources to craft more. Maybe Ill try the Alchemist instead before I decide to weather or not to give up on this game.

what are the ending/victory conditions?

Oh, sure. Steam users and gamers in general are incredibly obnoxious, nothing new there. I don’t know why developers spend any time at all interacting with their “fans”, to be honest. You couldn’t pay me enough to do it.

Hopefully the developers don’t listen to them. I think it has been proven time and time again that the number of people playing a game usually greatly outnumbers the multiplayer population. I feel for @KevinC though as it could be a fun game with friends. I wonder how well Dani Bunten’s quote still holds true “No one on their death bed ever said I wish I’d spent more time with my computer.” This also had me thinking, I wonder how many, if any, people who usually end up playing games just single player have ended up not buying a game because it lacked multiplayer. They like the idea of mp, but rarely if ever actually do it yet it still influences their purchase decision. I’m sure there is someone out there like that.

@KevinC when you play a coop/mp are you doing it live like a Paradox game, or playing through something like Giant Multiplayer Robot for Civ, or pbem? I thought it was neat that Firaxis brought that GMR type functionality into Civ 6 proper. Having infrastructure like that built in seems the way to go these days if possible so a player just needs to play and hit next. I wonder what percentage of games actually get completed for asynch games like that though.

Ok, off to avenge my fallen master.