Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

I’m doing the first game on the default. Build up my confidence (hopefully :)).

I am going to start over on Explorer difficulty as a necro. Ill try and not range too far in any one direction, maybe that will keep me somewhat safer.

Yeah honestly, i try to just stay as far away as possible. Circle mages are very unforgiving though. Also i found the tab in town to hire workers, I feel like an idiot haha.

I’m also on Explorer so that’s maybe the difference with people having a much harder time.

Very interesting. The circle mage that came to visit me was a female bard. I chose the most friendly and courteous of the 3 dialog choices and she was pleased. After a few more visits I ended up with a friendly relationship with her and her faction. I haven’t seen any others. It must be randomized from game to game.

The first thing I noticed is that all that enemy stack sizes are like 1/2 of “Normal”
The second thing is, that the negative reputation gains are also half as much.
Third thing: Auto resolve is so much more forgiving. It was almost never a heroic victory on normal difficulty. Also the damage you get is so much less too.

DasTactic has been playing the game for a few days, I think he’s making a series. He said he thought it was good, and he really likes the combat. He doesn’t like that the maps are not random. I’m watching him live stream it now.

Honestly, the no random map/single map thing bugs me less in practice than what I’d think on the surface. Having the geography be the same but the location of everything except for the cities be randomized might make for an interesting second playthrough where I have some ideas of where I want to go but with the experiences along the way not being the same. Like, if they never make a random map generator or additional maps I’ll still buy any DLC that adds more of the content that goes on the map.

I saw on their Discord that it’s always the same circle mages every game but their location each game is randomized.

This makes sense. I had a worker harvest something in Rohen’s domain and he got mad every turn but he still hasn’t started attacking me.

I’ve fallen into the habit of pretty much always taken +health options when available on level up. Can anyone make a compelling case for not doing that?

heal pots arent that expensive and provide 3 green

Is selling ingredients harvested from the world map something that only Alchemists can do? Is there any way for Artificiers to sell ingredients too?

Playing as Artificier, I have dozens of various one color dot ingredients with which I can only really make Glyphs that I have less interest in. I would love to be able to sell a bundle of the lower quality ingredients, or even the Glyphs I make from them, but as far as i can tell, there is no way to sell them.

How do Alchemists sell stuff?

There are upgrades that should be much better in the long run, e.g. allowing a third glyph, class specialization with a new ability and other cool stuff I had to look up : ) I tend to choose +health from the standard options as well.

p.s. Such a fantastic game! Only some of the artwork and the presentation of combat could be a lot fancier but overall I am so happy how it turned out.

My artificer has the ability to sell on the inventory screen.

My tower has a glyph smithy, a study, and a workshop. I don’t know if that would impact it or not. I didn’t see anything mousing over them rooms.

Artificer can always sell from the Inentory Screen, which can be found in the top left icons.

If you aren’t short on ore you can always craft those basic glyphs to use as ingredients for better glyphs since they’ll give you at least two dots. I also think you can sell them for slightly more than the base ingredients that go into them. Worth it? Not sure, depends on how much ore and how many crafting slots you’ve got that would otherwise be empty.

Woah, thanks fellas. The inventory screen is a whole new screen to me now! I had only ever used the Artificing screen . . . did not ever before this use the Inventory screen. Ka-ching!

I am also producing the lesser Glyphs for the trade up from 3 x 1 dot to 1 x 2 dot ingredient. This includes producing the Glyphs that harvest remains after every fight, getting one of those onto most units getting into fights produces a decent income.

I figured out the trigger for the orc circle mage turning hostile. After you set your tower down next to the big allfire node that’s the main quest and then defeat the mobs defending it, the orc mage shows up immediately with a big stack of tier 2 and 3 in your territory. Probably best to wait to grab that main node until after you get stronk.

Edit: Regarding glyphs, I’ve been using most of my best glyphs to upgrade my rooms. I just upgraded the barracks room to include a ballista to defend my tower. It also provides +3 tower vision. The other big one was an upgrade to the crystalline garden room to give all my units +2 focus, which is huge.

Yeah, that is pretty much what happened to me. Took the big node, then orc boy was showed up. I guess Ill avoid that in this new game for a good while.

That did not happen for me after taking my first of the bigger Allfire nodes. Is this another thing of Explorer difficulty vs Normal?

In many ways it’s a random map - in his case, he just got unlucky and had a roaming band of enemies nearby. My first game the first big Allfire node was smack dab in the middle of Red territory to the south of me. I ended up starting a new game because I could not deal with that and felt like it spawning there was probaly a bug/unintended. My next game it spawned still near her wizard tower, and I’m constantly having to run back to re-secure it.

The game has some design flaws - I still don’t like how much more powerful all the circle mages are, though I get it’s the story being told I would have preferred a more 4X style game with equal starting positions (like maybe we are all our masters apprentice fighting to recover the lost knowledge or something) but this is a fun/huge map to explore and I’m enjoying the struggle so far.

I wish you could find apprentice that aligned with your faction. Its odd that a alchemist apprentice will work with a necromancer master. Also their abilities do not work well with undead since they are all healing which doesn’t help undead. I think they should fix that. Also fix the facing change when you heal units.