Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

Yeah I am looking forward to CoE.

You mean SCoE?

Not SF:CoE
Also, keep in mind Conquest of Elysium exists.

I just watched part of eXplorminate’s video showing this off and I have to say it looks terrific. I tend to bounce off Spellforce games, but I really liked Fantasy General 2 and played the heck out of it, and these guys taking direct inspriation from Age of Wonders has me happy with how this has shaped up. The fact I can play it next week makes this a day one purchase, as I’m champing at the bit already to play something like this thanks to the AoW4 announcement.

I see he has a part 2 up so I’ll check it out as well. I can’t say the scope of the game is big enough to keep me satisfied for like hundreds of hours (I can’t not say that though, either) but it certainly looks worth the price of admission to enjoy what they have put together for launch. Plus these guys did good DLC work with FG2, iirc.

As you are waiting for this and Age of Wonders 4, how about some Legion Wars

The simplistic Graphics seem to hide something more fun. I have only tried 3 of the 6 factions.

Edit:. Sorry, it’s no longer on sale. When I bought it, it was 50% off.

Oh, charming! Thanks for putting this on my radar!

It has Multiple player, but only local MP it seems.

Legion War has a demo for those interested.

Yes don’t be fooled by the cutesy graphics.

Yeah, from what I hear, it has the main campaign to play and that’s the whole game. No random maps, no scenarios, just the main campaign. Apparently you can start the campaign in one of 5 different spots which vary in difficulty and challenge and that’s how you get your replay value. We’ll have to see how well that works in practice.

FYI, the Steam page says the campaign is “procedurally generated” so it I’m going off that. Unfortunately, I can only find the one gameplay stream (above) but when I find more, my intention is to see how things look/vary from one persons gameplay video to the next.

I joined the Discord just now because wading through that is apparently the way to get info on games these days and thankfully this was like the last thing somebody asked!


That’s what I was expecting - with different points on the static map to start, different hero/crafting types (alchemy, necromancer, custom mage, etc.) and all the stuff that IS randomly generated I think playing this a few times will be enjoyable, maybe even more. Will it have the legs of something like an Age of Wonders? Probably not, but it looks like a strategy game worth engaging with for as long as my interest level is there.

Hmmm. I’ve yet to meet a 4X campaign I’ve enjoyed so this tempers my enthusiasm a bit. May still pick it up based on what the Qt3 hivemind thinks when it releases!

For the $30 price, that seems plenty worth it, especially if the positive takes I’ve seen hold true. Seems like Fantasy General 2 grew a lot with DLC and hopefully this does well enough that they can do a bit more with it too.

This isn’t really a 4X, though. It’s closer to something like Thea where you really only have one settlement. And it seems to be designed around having all the narrative stuff rather than trying to shoehorn it into a design that doesn’t really fit that style.

I would agree, but like @abrandt gets into this isn’t like a 4X/HoMM type traditional campaign - it’s procedurally generated with most of the setup and events randomized as you play, and also different based on where on the map you start (it sounds like even the opposing AI wizards are randomized). Most of what I dislike about the normal 4X campaigns are how scripted they are - this doesn’t feel like a scripted campaign, from what I’ve seen.


Yeah, likely it’s more like Dominions where the maps are fixed but if you play a particular map 10 times it’ll be different every time because everything else changes each time you play. If so, I’m fine with that.

That’s funny. I learned about this game from Anno on another gaming board.

First time in a long time that ill be buying on day 1.