Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

It’s out! 20% off(so $24) on Steam right now as suspected earlier.

It’s out on GOG too but it’s $29.99 over there so I also bought it from Steam. Downloaded and ready to go.

I’m playing FG2 now and really enjoying it. They could do what they did with the Onslaught DLC and make procedurally generated campaigns to increase replayability. I’m definitely interested in checking this out.

Thanks, I skimmed the video (sorry I don’t have 45m right now) and it looks like fun! One question: I noticed a food-basket icon that looked to me identical to one from Thea. Is that the case? Is this related to Thea more than just in the title of this thread? (Which might have primed me to make the icon association…)

I’ve been playing FG2 as well. I only have 3 more missions left in my campaign and having a blast. I am putting it aside though for a bit to play Spellforce.

For everyone that gets this, it took 4 minutes for the initial game load so don’t think it’s frozen or anything. It’s just a bit slow to load. I do not have a SSD so YMMV.

I was all set to get it on Steam, checked GreenManGaming and they had it for $19.19

I am seeing 23.99 on that link. I guess I missed it.

Do you have an account? When I signed in to gmg it dropped to $19.

That was probably the icon for the level-up option (units level up and can pick one of two random boons when they do) “increased health regeneration”.

Confirmed, it drops to $19.19 once logged in (GMG often works that way).

When FG2 was released the impressions were that it was pretty good, but not great. So, I waited for a sale. I disagree and think the game is very good.

Depending on feedback, I might also put FG2 aside and play this. They’ve certainly priced it right.

Ah, yes it was. Do you know if it is in fact the same icon?

I heard they recycled a few assets from FG2, such as the footsteps.

Are there in game tutorials, or just the ones off the main menu listed in alphabetical order?

Anyway I don’t know why it took me so long to look this up myself, but of course Owned by Gravity (this game, FG2) is not at all the same as MuHa (Thea 1/2, MoM remake), so there’s no way they should be the same icon unless they both bought it from the same source, or whatever, which seems unlikely. Probably just a similar visual style.

Because I clearly need to procrastinate something at work, here’s the icon from @Scotch_Lufkin’s video (YouTube timestamp):

And here’s the icon from Thea 2 (source):


So they are the same icon. Well how about that.

Very likely it’s an icon from an asset pack. I recognize several of the icons from packs that I own, and I know Thea used them as well.

Yup, I think as you were typing that I proved it to myself. ;)

Yeah, that’s the +100% daily health regeneration perk. Honestly now you point it out, it should probably be a more “regeneration” looking icon than a basket of fruit or whatever, but it works.

I just played about half an hour – had a great time by the way – and there are in-game tutorials as well.