Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

Ok, so it’s kinda also like King’s Bounty, which I also liked. More focused on advancing in a big map with your party of heroes / units. A bit strat-RPG.

I don’t think I would care if the map isn’t random, but fixed. That’s the type of thing that matters if I’m going to play 20 times a game, but I’m fine with only playing a few times and then moving one. Same with having “only” three factions.

My necromancer playthrough really blossomed when I realized that I should just… let my T1 units die. Which was anathema to me after how critical it was to get those sweet L5 and L10 skills on my troops in the other game! Then you can fill your stack with the T3 summons, and everything is again as it should be.

I did one playthrough with each of the three archetypes, and honestly I was happy to stop there because it was sucking in too much of my limited free time. :)

Somewhere in the middle, really. Yes it’s a strat-RPG, but you’re still building up several characters and a base and still have presence on the map. I don’t think it’s directly analogous to anything else. And really, I think that’s a key to enjoying this. Taking the game as it is and not coming in with expectations for what it should be. I’ve seen too many comments where people immediately hate the game because they were expecting classic 4X gameplay.

I was suspicious of the fixed map, but it’s really well done. Like I said, you’ll still be seeing new things in later playthroughs but you also start to play a little differently as you learn where things are that you might want.

As for the three factions, there’s still more variety than that. The game has several spell schools that you’ll pick up pages of to fill out your spellbook as you. You pick two at the start and then find more in the game. On top of that, the units you’ll have access to vary based on what cities you focus on being friendly with. This also affects what rooms you’ll unlock for your wizard tower. So you could, for example, do a couple very different Artificer builds if you wanted.

I think this would help. But the strategic layer isn’t really set up for efficiently moving(or even ignoring) loads of stacks each turn, so that quickly got annoying.

The closest comp to me is the old game Lords of Magic, except with turn-based combat instead of real-time. A lot of the other stuff about that game holds pretty true here: largely fixed map, you are one faction against a bunch of opponents, you can start in different areas of the map for a different challenge, stack sizes are relatively the same, spell system is even kind of similar.

I concur with the above recommendations and will add one nice thing: the difficulty settings have a lot of individual customization you can do to tailor the game to your preferences. It’s not infinitely customizable but much better than most games with just a simple set of standard difficulty settings.

It’s basically a dedicated single player 4X, narrowly focused, smaller scale and with stack development emphasized instead of area control.

The potential negatives are that you don’t really “take and hold” territory so you have to adjust your 4X mindset. Also, with some exceptions you are unlikely to win by attrition - pumping out a bunch of units doesn’t guarantee victory - having a few more elite stacks is The Way. But that’s a matter of taste.

It is NOT a full fledged 4X - if you want that, AoW4 is right there and is excellent. It’s not really King’s Bounty or any of those other games either - it is its own thing.

Its on sale on Steam in case anyone hasn’t purchased it yet.

I am absolutely loving it right now. I am still in my first game, and up to about week 35 and taking my time having just finally taken out my first rival mage. I am still getting a hang of how things work, and finally progressing and moving around trying to push the story/objectives.

I made a lot of mistakes that have slowed me down, so I plan to play another and try to be a bit more efficient. I started on a bit more relaxed settings on purpose, though, so the rival mages haven’t ganged up on me yet and the game is letting me play at my own pace.

Does anyone know of a wiki that has information on where/how to unlock rooms, what they grant, and what enhancements you can put in them? Also, being an artificer, I wouldn’t mind a list of possible recipes to look for instead of just experimenting over and over trying to find valid ones. I sort of want to discover many on my own, and have so far, but I am really ready to unlock more unit slots for my armies and I know I am missing things (I still have hero + 5 slots right now).

Here you go: https://wiki.spellforce.info/index.php?title=Tower_Rooms_(CoE)

Sweet! Thank you!

With all the talk in the AoW4 thread, I was wondering what you all have noticed with regard to the enemy mages manufacturing armies.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I was taking out Gor and had all of his units and towers destroyed and had him cornered in his one remaining tower. He seemed to be able to periodically send full stacks out and I have no idea how he could do this following the rules the game has. At first I figured he was just sending them out to fight back leaving the tower empty, but it was a brand new full stack each time. It didn’t bother me much that there were medusa reinforcements on the final battle, but sending that many of what seemed like free stacks bothered me a little.

Have any of you noticed this being a normal thing as you go through this game? Once cornered, the stacks were manageable and gave free easy xp, but it was sort of depressing to see still.

I am confident that the Circle Mages are not operating with the economy constraints that you as the player are. Also, the game strongly hints at this explicitly, since the Circle Mages are referred to as residing far away from the lands you are moving around in, so in effect, you are only encountering their outposts, and they can be drawing upon greater resources and units from far, far away.

There is also a teleportation spell within the game and MINOR SPOILER you will encounter some stacks directly sent from far far away before you reach the successful end of a game. So in all, the asymmetry is fully intended and internally consistent, and this also is a point of difference to a 4X game which is supposed to offer something like parity between player and AI opponents.

Agreeing, this is a good comparison. I also loved the strategy / turn-based layer of Lords of Magic, and not so much the confusion-fests that the real-time combat was (for me)

Thanks for the explanation. I will keep that in mind while playing and it helps to think of it that way. I should probably read more of the lore and messages a bit more closely!

I started the game! The fact it is less of a 4x was actually a point in favor, I don’t have the willpower to start an empire building and conquering epic.

The tutorializing in the first turns seemed good to me, with the different concepts of the game being introduced one by one. I like the UI, and I really like the art:

This is indeed a very interesting game. Not a empire builder, but also not a pure tactical rpg, with the tower, lodge, the mana points having a domain around, and the workers getting resources around. And the depleting resources makes clear you have to roam around, which is good, otherwise people would tend to play more statically. At the same time it has lots of side quests you find roaming the field.

I’m also liking that while there is a story in the game with the Circle of Mages, they barely point you at some points of interests (hey, you should get a student in an academy in the North, there is a city in the East, and at some point you should try to get the Allfire at SW), you still have freedom of what to do, and where to go, and if you will follow those goals, in what order.

The research is also interesting, not only you have your normal spells to research, you also have challenges like craft x potions or summon x beats.

I’m liking it, It’s a breath of fresh air into the genre, but the pace is somewhat slow, I don’t have a lot of gold/mana income, and in between the roaming monsters, the random events, the hostile sites, the sidequests and now a circle dude (necromancer) being hostile to me, it’s hard to advance and make real progress in the map to get to my real objectives (I still have to pick the magic crystal to lift the tower)

The spellbook only being usable in the strategic side is something that I didn’t expect. In fact given my limited mana income, I’m not using a lot of magic. For now the most useful spell has been the charm beast one.

Unit enchantments are really important in Eo, as are some of the global enchantments. Crafting is also hugely important. I hope you started your first game on an easier difficulty as it can take a while to learn things and the game can be tough if you don’t know some things that you will learn with experience. It’s a super fun game.

You want to prioritize getting your tower mobile as that will enable you to address some of your economic problems.

The lack of spellbook access in tactical combat is weird until you realize that the potions fill that role.

I started on Medium or whatever equivalent.

I reached the crystal which I believe it’s the only missing piece and attacked… and man, I got bodied lol. The biggest defeat for now, even.

The thing is, I knew I was going to be defeated, but I expected to be able to kill 2 of the 5 guarding units (I can get better combat results than autoresult), and wipe the rest with a future stack, but no, the more embarrassing thing is that I barely hurted a single unit in my attack.
I underestimated those ethereal soldiers.

Up to you if you want to restart, but it’s helpful to do a playthrough at the next difficulty down. This is the rare game where the medium difficulty is too hard for a first timer.

Yeah, that fight’s hard if you don’t have units that naturally do magic damage or spells that can give them that ability.

I don’t think you need to rush a moving tower. I think it’s more important to fill out the floors you’ve unlocked with economic rooms, and keep exploring so you can use those apprentice slots. Apprentices can expand your borders before your tower is mobile.