Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

The quest locations and their points of interest all move around. I believe you won’t get every quest spawning in every game either. I’ve said it before in this thread, but I ended up liking the fixed map more than I thought I would. Each area will have some different stuff each time through but you’ll start to learn what each city offers and can choose which direction to head based on what units or tower room you might want next. Or if a stack ends up picking up a bunch of boosts to a damage type you’ll know what areas they might benefit to exploring next where the enemies are weak to that damage.

Reading through this, it sounds like I should grab Spellforce from Epic, while it has that 25% coupon.

Although, Song of Conquest is also on sale and I am torn.

I’ve only played Song of Conquest a little and a couple games of Conquest of Eo, but I’d definitely give the nod to Eo. It’s a different experience even though some of it’s features and ideas are found in various other games. I was a bit underwhelmed by Song of Conquest. It felt like HoMM and I’m probably a bit burned out of that formula.

I can imagine Song of Conquest is squarely aimed to HoMM fans/nostalgia (which isn’t a bad plan, given the time since a good HoMM game came out).

Song of Conquest is great, but lacking in depth and content. There’s some development time left, so maybe they’ll manage to bring it around.

In honesty, the Spellforce brand put me off checking this game out. But it sounds like I really should, based on everyone’s comments.

I don’t like the Spellforce RTS games, but I like this.

Are they even done by the same guys?

/checks Steam

No, they are not.

Put me in the camp that when playing AoW IV wonders why they are not playing this again instead.

Or playing as well at least, and this game only cost me C$29.99…
AoW 4 is C$112.99 for the Premium Edition…
But I would easily pay that for a Premium Edition of CoE, still hoping…

The developer is the same one that made Fantasy General 2. I loved that game so I figured this one would also be good and it exceeded my expectations.

This is actually another one I’ve been intending to pick up for a while. Maybe it’s time!

I got some fun out of Fantasy General 2 but Conquest of Eo was just one of those rare special games for me. Still holding out hope for DLC.

They did make a dlc for FG2 so there’s a reason for hope.

Man, the game pulls me in so many directions, it gets a bit maddening. In between
-side quest spam (the game doesn’t seem to take in account how many pending quests I have already)
-the cities and their quests to increase reputation
-the long term objectives like getting the big allfire node, I still have pending to do it)
-the quests about getting new spells from the vaults (the ones you have to get your tower close)
-the stupid Circle mages attacking my mana nodes and outposts regularly
-some paladins and some beasts groups roaming around and screwing with me
-some juicy targets with resource rich hexes

It’s hard to advance and make progress on a specific direction. I’m still not sure where the bases of the two mages attacking me are.
While my economic situation is good, I noticed I still haven’t unlocked any extra section for the tower, there is section in the magic book about quests for that I should look into more.

Yeah, there’s a ton to do. The most important thing imo is to explore. It’s a game of exploration and you get a lot of rewards for doing so. A few cheap wisp units sent off to explore is always a good thing to do. That will also allow you to identify where the circle mages are.

While exploring, keep an eye out for graveyards. They can have some really nice items and glyphs in them. If you’re playing as necromancer, make sure you get to the undead area and clear the quest in the mansion landmark there. Then claim it with your tower. More souls!!

Last time I checked (Steam discussion) it seemed that there was something on the horizon but they were’nt yet allowed to tell. Did that change? That would be very disappointing indeed.

I was just speculating. They had said early on THQ Nordic wasn’t allowing them to talk about any future plans or DLC. The fact that no one is saying anything still after several months doesn’t sound that great to me. I guess you could make the argument that if they weren’t planning on doing anything anything by this point, they’d just say so. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

This game is great. Took me about 60 hours to beat on explorer difficulty ironman style with no reloads on my first game (except for 2 bugs that forced me to reload so I could progress). I’m waiting for a new patch before I play again. Fantasy General 2 was great as well, I beat the base game campaign on PS5 and had a great time. Owned By Gravity has become one of my favorite developers.

I hope Eo comes to Xbox, which is my preferred platform, and will buy it a second time just to support this quality title.

I choose to stay optimistic! If the publisher was waiting on sales to greenlight DLC they wouldn’t have been working on it long. Plus there was mention on the Discord that the devs were off for awhile once they released the game and did the initial patches.

Now, I know there probably isn’t a huge likelihood of it, but it seems like there are low risk DLC options for a game like this.

It’s been a minute since I’ve played this. I did quite enjoy it. My favorite spell was Deathless March once you hit midgame and get some mana income. Just flying across the map.

What a shame it didn’t sell enough to warrant any DLC, I’d definitely have been interested. But I can see why, without this forum the game would have gone under my radar completely.