Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

I thought it was a very original take on the genre, but my enjoyment was limited by the map. Knowing the map from previous playthroughs undercut my enjoyment a lot. Yes, you could start in different locations with different characters, but you knew where to go for what, and it was the same basic story each time.

I enjoyed three fantastic full games of this. I almost enjoyed all of a fourth. What killed that, sharing as a warning for others, is playing as Undead and acquiring the special node that brings all undead back to life after a combat. With several strong Undead stacks, spells to give them extra movement and all undead coming back to life after each combat, I was able to clean the map of anything and everything visible. This turned the wonderful challenge into something more like busywork, and I stopped playing.

Gosh dang though, still game of the year for me given the quality of the experience during those full three play throughs. Should any DLC arrive I will very likely buy and use as a driver to play some more.

See, for me, alot of the game felt like busywork quite early on. I remember reaching a sort of stalemate where I had researched all my book and had multiple Golem stacks, and was just rolling the map but because of just having 3 or so stacks, couldn’t defend everything, so I was in a slow moving situation of defend against obnoxious AI, advance a bit to their tower, defend against someone else etc etc.

I think I won that one in the end but fully more than half the game was just fight and end turn.

EDIT: I am coming over more negative than intended. I did actually enjoy aspects of the game, and it took me some playthroughs to realise it was the same map. Also, I don’t mind the idea of different start locations on the same map. In the original AoW I would often replay scenarios, like First Conflict or After the Fall.

Yes, it would be better if they leaned even more into the mobile gameplay, so “defending” sites is never really a concern past the short term. A few of the locations are so valuable that you end up wanting to defend them, which just slows down the game.

Yes, undead feel like you can power up to full strong T3 stacks very quickly(*), and that node makes things even more ridiculous.

(*: Units like paladins and priestesses are potentially very powerful but need good levelups tor eally shine, whereas some of the undead T3s are just strong at L1 and get better from there)

Why yes, yes you are.

Still no announcement, but they did post a teaser animation of a new orc unit on Discord. So yeah, new content is happening in some form! I’m so happy this game isn’t dead.

Just saw a post in the steam forum by someone with a dev tag saying “something is in the works :)”


It’s coming to consoles:

A new chapter in the grimoire of SpellForce awaits! SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is now coming to PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X/S™. Optimized for console controls, command mighty heroes, and raise your wizard’s tower to become the greatest of mages in SpellForce: Conquest of Eo, a turn-based fantasy epic set in the world of SpellForce.

But the PC version’s also getting some love, as evidenced by this screenshot posted by the dev on their Discord server:


It looks like they’ve added the long requested quest log.

That is a very nice addition. The initial phase of exploring reveals tons of quests I could never keep track of (or frankly even recall where they were).

Too cool!!

That’s awesome it’s coming to Xbox! I’m shygamer in the above Discord post.

Don’t see this on Steam yet, but from the Discord:

Good news, PC players! The free patch 1.3 has been published today, adding new content and features to the game:

  • Quest overview – allows you to quickly find and navigate to active quests on the world map
  • A new hero: Galtrak, the orc blood mage brings his own kind of magic that may even unlock new spells for your wizard…but they come at a price.
  • New world locations: The sullied village
  • Strong performance improvements to optimize your experience on lower-end systems and speed up loading times
  • Improved gamepad functionalities and guidance

I just checked my Steam library and Spellforce had an update queued. Downloading now.

Nice, nice . . . still waiting for the DLC adding the Draconian race and procedurally generated alternative maps though. Will jump right back in once that releases!

I must have missed it, did they say somewhere this is what the DLC is going to be?

In the steam forum the dev was even being coy about confirming whether there was going to be a DLC.

Well, not exactly, not yet, but my hope is that if I keep writing this and thinking it, and others do too, it will come true!

Gotcha, keep the faith!!

I was browsing the Steam discussion today (to see if the reroll mod was updated for the new patch yet) and saw a thread about balance suggestions, most of which were reasonable. What’s notable about that is a developer replied to the thread, thanking the poster for the feedback. Nothing was expressly said about working further patches/DLC but my impression is that they are in fact working on either further patches or a DLC. Purely subjective, but that’s my “feel”.