Spellforce: Conquest of Eo is like Age of Wonders and Thea made a baby

I hope they fix Throw Sand, it’s very OP.

I think the problem with Throw Sand is that the ranged version of it is 1 focus per action, and if you cast it with 3 actions, it hits the target 3 times so they suffer a 75% damage reduction instead of the listed 25%, assuming you have 3 or more focus. It needs to be adjusted to a single actuation like the adjacent-sand ability (whatever that is called). Or you could just make it not stack.

To me, that almost seems more of a bug than a feature as I suspect they intended it to be a single activation ability, not an up-to-triple activation ability.

Dev on the Discord seemed pretty optimistic about additional stuff especially if the console version does alright.

There is a functional update to the reroll mod on the Steam forums, for those who care about that. Only 2 options instead of 4, but it works.

Two notes: first, the reroll mod is fully updated and offers 4 options again.

Second, I think I figured out what is going with the perception of Throw Sand as OP. My theory about the stacking is wrong; it does not stack (I tried to pay attention in a bunch of battles and I’m pretty sure on this.) What’s going on is the difference between gross damage reduction and net damage reduction. In Spellforce, almost all damage is mitigated by armor or willpower. For example, let’s say an attacker with 20 attack hits a defender with 10 armor - 10 damage is done. I think players were expecting Throw Sand to reduce the “damage received” by 25% (which is how resistances and defensive stance work) which would reduce the damage in this example by 2 or 3. However, I believe Throw Sand applies its reduction directly to the raw damage output of the attacker (I believe this is b/c resistances and defensive stance are traits of the defender but damage output is a trait of the attacker). What that means is, in the above example, the damage is reduced from 20 to 15 which means the received damage is reduced from 10 to 5. This makes Throw Sand somewhat OP relative to resistances and defensive stance. To bring Throw Sand into line with other bonuses, it should probably be reduced from 25% to 20% or 15%.

That is your Spellforce mega-geekery for the week. Carry on.

Since it’s near Halloween, I decided to start a new necromancer game. I’m not sure how it will go. My wife had an ascending aortic dissection back in mid July and then a severe stroke during the emergency 7 hour surgery. I haven’t had any time to game since then and haven’t much even felt like it. Now that she’s recovering and I don’t have to care for her 24/7 I’m going to try to slip in some gaming minutes here and there to play this.

Yikes, Coldsteel! My wife had a stroke a few years back and my brother just had an upward aoritic dissection back in June, I can’t imagine combining those two events. :( I’m glad she pulled through and I hope her recovery continues to go well.

Yup, sending whatever good vibes I have your way, @Coldsteel. Let us know how it goes! (And the S:CoE playthrough, too.)

Best wishes to your wife and yourself for going through something so tough.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. It means a lot. These have been the toughest 3 months of my life.

Wow, I’m glad he survived it as my wife did. The ascending ones are the most deadly and 50% die before ever reaching the hospital and about another 25% die in surgery or afterwards. They’re pretty darn rare too (30 people out of a million) so it’s like we won some kind of evil lottery.

Be sure to get your aorta checked out just in case because it can be a genetic condition. My wife’s younger sister also has an aneurism forming on her aorta that’s being watched by her doctor. Best to be safe and get checked.

My wife’s recovered really well from the split aorta. It’s actually the stroke recovery that’s been the toughest. Her surgeon said she had blood that pooled around her heart and clotted and some of the clots got flushed up into her brain during surgery and caused a bunch of little embolisms. It affected numerous parts of her brain but the worst is that it hit both occipital lobes and left her mostly blind. It sucks because she was an excellent pen and ink illustrator before and now she’ll probably never draw again. She also has some serious short term memory issues and aphasia though that’s all slowly getting better. Fortunately it did not affect her motor functions.

As traumatic as it all is, it really is amazing to watch the brain rewire itself and build new connections in realtime. That’s so awful about her vision, that has to be really hard for someone with her background in particular. Sending you and her all the good vibes I’ve got.

Yeah, her vision is what bothers her the most. She gets quite depressed about it at times. Thanks so much for the good vibes from you and everyone else here.

Sorry to hear this CS. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

I’m at the beginning of week 9 in my Necromancer game for Halloween. I upped the difficulty and it’s been a fairly slow start. Uram’s tower and spires are right next to Audale so I haven’t been able to get my reputation with them up enough to get the extra army slot. I just now finally got my 5th slot from a tower upgrade. I just found the inn that gives Audale rep so I need to hustle my apprentice over there and build a lodge by it.

I decided to try something different this game. I have a Tormenter with Assimilate and am building a Lich with the Arachnomancer’s soul so he’ll be able to summon cheap, easily killed spiders. I can summon them on the first turn and when they’re killed my Tormenter will get stronger with every spider death. The lich also should be able to raise the corpses again as undead to be killed yet again. Should work, we’ll see how it does in practice.

I just got Philo the demon boy as my hero. I haven’t gotten him before and I figure a demon hero will fit right in with my undead theme so I’m going with him this time to see how he does.

So far I’ve only captured two tier 3 souls. I’m building the lich with one and the other one I used to craft a Haunted Armor. That one I used Magistrate Reinhart’s soul for so he got the nice +30 HP and +5 focus. Next I need to get Meldec’s soul.

Necromancer is super fun to play. Again I’m struck by how much more fun than AoW4 this game is.

Don’t know what it is, but it’s something…


Ouch :(.

Christmas Grinch?

I gotta agree with ColdSteel. I played a couple games (40 ish hours) of AoW4 and haven’t gone back. I played 90 hours of Spellforce and would be all over an expansion. Spellforce wasn’t perfect - the end of the game was a bit of a slog, but most importantly the battles didn’t feel like a chore because they stay small. Man I wish AoW would add an option to limit battle size.

Unless they redesigned the rest of the game around it, you would just end up with 15 1 .v. 1 battles in a turn, and be forced to have a stack of higher tier units and ignore lower tier, even more so than currently.

Have to agree with Coldsteel as well.
My favorite AoW game is Shadow Magic which is still on my computer today, Conquest of EO gives me some of that magic feel and scratches that SM itch for me.