Spelunky 2 - Bring Your Daughter to Work day

I still play this most every night on the Switch while I watch TV with the missus. This happened last night.

Woah. He touched you and you didn’t die!

He has to be “rolling” to kill you - but even outside of the roll he does 2 damage, iirc. It was not ideal. I didn’t panic though!

I just got it on my Switch as well (there is a sale in the European zone, first time ever I think).
The difficulty isn’t a legend: even as a Spelunky semi-veteran, I died in a matter of seconds in my first dozen runs. This game really archens back to the original Spelunker memories in that way!
I had to pull myself away. I remember once upon a time we discussed the visuals, but I think I enjoy them more than the previous games’: everything is so clear.