Spelunky, a roguelike platformer

Thanks guys, it was very satisfying indeed!

@Vesper I have found that, like just about anything game related, once you do a thing it becomes very repeatable. Hang in there! You only ever get better and better, and as they say, the play is the thing. Just have fun!

@Left_Empty I use an Xbox One controller - best controller I’ve ever used. I have a custom one I built from the Microsoft Labs right now (it’s modeled after the S controller and I really like it; things like a bit more textured grips and slightly better feeling face buttons, not much real difference though really) but I used a vanilla (original) XBO controller for years now and it’s served me very well.

I also love Spelunky, was my most played game until about 12 months ago. Beat it the standard method several times, often quite spectacularly, but never quite managed to beat Hell. Then I went away for a while and kinda fell off the wagon. I tried speedrunning it a few times, but it seemed beyond me; death in Spelunky comes quickly if you aren’t paying attention, and I find it hard to pay attention if I’m worrying about such a harsh timer. That’s another reason I can’t possibly multi-task by watching a movie at the same time (how the hell do people do that!?)

But great work Scott, it’s easier to appreciate an achievement like that when you know just how difficult it is! Also, nice arrow whip.

That seems pretty incredible based on how my Spelunky games have went. Congrats!

You’re welcome! People look at me like I’m crazy when I recommend it, so I’m glad to have a modicum of confirmation that I’m sane. :D

I’m halfway through the one you gave me for Secret Santa and I absolutely love it. It has me thinking about trying to make my own indie game. Thanks again!

You’re welcome! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. :) Some of us are poking around with creating short games over in this thread, so feel free to join us there if you’re interested in trying to make something!

This documentary on the making of Spelunky was really cool:

TIL that there is a pixelated low res Spelunky version that is also free to play http://www.spelunkyworld.com/original.html

That’s actually the original!

Does it play the same, just different graphics? Controller support as well?

Kind of. The new version is much, much more refined and has more content as well as being all around definitive. Not sure about controller support but I don’t believe so.

It’s got a different soundtrack too – and one that I liked much more than the remake’s. But one of Scott’s great tips for aleviating the stress of the clock in the remake was to cut off the background music, which was a win-win proposition to me ;)

I have downloaded it just because you said there’s a different soundtrack. Thanks for that. Can’t argue with free and I love pixelated games.

The updated version on Steam/PS4/XBOX1, etc… is phenomenal. Considering it is $2.25 right now, you may want to pick it up. I’m pretty sure it’s my all-time favorite game.

I already locked hundreds of hours in Spelunky @Clay. I didn’t realise it started as a pixelated games and that the original is available as free download.

Spelunky 2 was announced today, for PlayStation 4 at the least (and probably… everything else as well).

Hells yes.

Day one.


I would be more than happy to shell out $100 for this! YES!

p.s. Please come to the Switch

Also a day one purchase when it comes to a platform I own.