Spider catches, kills snake


Just looking at those pics made my skin crawl like nothing else.

That’s just the spider eggs hatching.

They’ll be eating their way out momentarily.



Oh shit why did I click that! :O

He said the spider would in future have to be satisfied with much less exotic food, like moths and bugs. That is, unless she escaped to the herpetological department where the snakes are kept, he added tongue in cheek.

Or maybe she’ll just EAT YOU IN REVENGE!

Jesus. When I saw the one with the poultice, I thought the wound had just started erupting nasty green stuff :/.

Anyway, the snake was only 14 cm! Give me a break. I wanted this to be like a 40 ft. python or something.

What kind of spider are you imagining to catch and eat a 40 foot python?


Same spider.

She can’t even kill a frickin hobbit, even with a stinger.