Spider-Man Far From Home - Spidey needs to go back!


Well that looks fun as fuck


Welp, looks like another 10 years of Marvel movies. I am ok with this.


Wow, that looks so fun. Interesting how events from Avengers aren’t mentioned at all.


God that looks perfect.


We can infer from this trailer that everyone gets better in Avengers Endgame, or this is an alternate universe in which Starlord didn’t punch Thanos in the face.


Your comment reminded me of the top comment on the Sony YouTube channel.



Also how does Peter go, mentally, from fighting a demi-god on an alien planet to a European vacation? How does he process it? He’s gonna need mad therapy.


It’s all a fantasy concocted by the soul stone they’re all stuck within is my guess.


Wow that teaser was weird to watch considering the end of Infinity War. I’m surprised they released this at all before Endgame came out?? But it should be fun!


I doubt they will make any of the movies effectively “all a dream”.


Then how does this truck with you?


It comes out after Avengers Endgame, doesn’t it? They will have fixed/restored the universe by then.

Also I think this is the kick off for Phase 4.


This. It seems pretty obvious that comics gonna comics. Earth-shattering crossover events happen, then next issue you go back to business as usual.


I’m guessing the Avengers effectively disband after taking out Thanos and undoing the snap and no one remembers it.

There’s a mournful funeral for Captain America. Tony, Thor, Natasha, Hulk, Clint and Scott are in attendance, because they Remember. Rocket Raccoon is there too because he wasn’t snapped and having a super emotional scene that makes 300 million movie goers cry real tears with an animated talking raccoon man is the ultimate cinematic experience.

Nick Fury remembers too, because he’s Nick Fury.


It’s been reported that Chris Evans isn’t done playing Captain America, my guess is Tony is the funeral recipient.


Also, I guess nobody is going to think it’s even a little bit fishy that a bunch of Americans show up in Europe and hey whoa, suddenly there’s Spiderman!


I keep seeing reports that Hugh Jackman is in Avengers Endgame too so I don’t know what to believe.


I am pretty sure lots of Americans show up in Europe all the time, one group of school kids won’t raise an eyebrow, is my guess.

I hadn’t seen this one, but Evans made some comment about “being done” when filming wrapped on Endgame, and producers were quick to say “oh he’s not done playing Captain America” because people were inferring Endgame would be his last film. But of course, it could be a misdirect.


Well yeah, but a bunch of young people from Queens showing up in a particular location at the same time that Spiderman, also from Queens, shows up - but yes, comic books, I get it.