Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spider-Man and the MCU


We have an official title for the Spider-Man movie that will be jointly made by Marvel and Sony. It is a winking nod to the property coming back to Marvel, and according to Kevin Feige, it's a direct reference to the high school setting.

Tom Holland will play everyone's favorite neighborhood web-slinger. Jon Watts (Cop Car) directing.

July 7th, 2017.


So it’s going to be another reboot? Damn, I hope not.


I hope not, I hope they do what they did with the Hulk movie and just show a cursory recap; then get on with the high school/superheroics action.


Oh, and we knew this from long ago, but some people may have forgotten that Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May.

After announcing the title, Sony played a short teaser clip showing Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark visiting Peter and his Aunt May in his Queens apartment. “It’s so hard for me to believe that she’s someone’s aunt,” Tony said about May – a reference to the fact that the Homecoming version of Aunt May, Marisa Tomei, is a couple of decades younger than Rosemary Harris was in the first Spider-Man film.


Aha! So we know that Stark will survive the Civil War.


Maybe. It could also just be footage from Civil War when Tony recruits Spidey.


True, but that would involve Iron Man knowing Spiderman is Peter Parker before the whole registration thing, wouldn’t it? Which I guess is possible.


Marisa Tomei? Sold.


Ultimate Aunt May, indeed.


So, Aunt May is the Litmus test to when you are an old woman? Sally Field, now Marissa Tomei?


Sally Field is almost twenty years older than Marisa Tomei.


Believe it or not, it’ll have been 15 years since Sally Field played Aunt May in the first Spider-Man movie.


And still damned attractive.


…And maybe Micheal Keaton as a villain.


gasp What? I love Michael Keaton so very much. This would be insta-day-one for me.


Well, I guess it makes sense, if you’re a superhero in the DC world, you should be a villain in the Marvel world.


The only casting news I care about is whether J. K. Simmons is going to get to play J. Jonah Jameson again.


Yes, I want that.


Unfortunately, J.K. Simmons is the new Jim Gordon for DC/WB.


Well if you’re considering any casting announcements for films post-Civil War as spoilers because that means so-and-so survives, I guess don’t let anyone tell you an earlier rumor was confirmed for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Via Hollywood Reporter:


Robert Downey Jr. is officially in.