Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spider-Man and the MCU


Yeah, stupid comic book movies with there not being realistic. Obviously the real Spider-man could never hold a ship together.


The international trailer is a bit different:

You get a shot of Bokeem Woodbine and a scooch more Vulture.


I’m not quite sure what holding a ship together buys you when it’s already broken in two and taking on tons of water.


Yeah, let the people drown, they were dumb enough to get on a boat that was in two pieces! Idiots.


I’m excited for the movie based on Spidey’s appearance in Civil War, and my general enthusiasm for Marvel movies. As trailers go, that wasn’t anything particularly special.

And I’m more bothered than I probably should be about the editing on the shot where he goes from backflipping off the Washington Monument toward the helicopter to diving face down over it with no hint of rotation in either shot. But whatever.

It’s also sad when his friend drops his LEGO Death Star.


How does the ship scene work though? The ship is sinking. Broken in two pieces. Spider-Man is suspended between the two parts, held aloft by the webs that he’s using to pull the ship halves together.

Doesn’t the ship sink anyway? Or is this troll physics?


LOL, I really don’t know. I think it’s kind of a silly thing to get hung up on myself, but I know folks around these parts take their films very seriously so I’ll give you this - it probably doesn’t make any sense other than looking “cool” given what we see in the trailer. But that’s also a 1 second shot that doesn’t show maybe Iron Man doing something somewhere else, or who knows. It’s kind of odd to speculate so hard on a single scene in my opinion, but that’s probably just me. I didn’t give it any consideration until I came to this thread, to be completely up front.


Oddly enough, the comics Spidey gets himself stuck in those kinds of situations on a regular basis, because his priority is saving lives rather than just getting the bad guy. So when I saw the scene, I thought “He’s probably just buying time for some people to escape.”

Holland is an amazing casting choice, a real bright spot in Civil War. Looking forward to seeing this.


So since Spidey was in Civil War we get to skip yet another origin retelling right? I don’t need to see a spider gun down Peter’s parents in a dark alley again.


Yeah, as far as I know there won’t be an origin. It looks from the trailer like it starts with him getting out of the limo after Stark says he can keep the suit actually. I imagine we’ll get a story or a flashback (briefly) but it wouldn’t surprise me if not even that.


I’m not huge on more recent comics, but I do check in every now and again just to see what’s going on.

Is that Peter Parker’s buddy in the trailer, or Miles Morales’ nerd buddy Ganke Lee? He’s got Ganke’s look and he seems to have a love of Legos.

Officially, I guess it’s a character named Ned Leeds who was created in the 60’s but that Leeds was a rival reporter at The Bugle. He was never Parker’s school buddy. This looks like they took Ganke and just gave him Leeds’ name.

Man, I wish they’d had the balls to do a Miles Morales Spider-Man.


Re: the lengthy discussion of ship halves:


Looks like Spidey might’ve gotten some advanced tech from Stark.



And is it just me or does the CGI work just not look very good. I noticed it in the previous trailer as well.


By the way, Sony is apparently moving forward with their plans for a “Spider-Man Cinematic Universe” franchise of movies that will be separate from the sharing deal with Marvel and the MCU.

On the table now? A movie starring Venom slated for release in October 2018. Rated R, because Logan and Deadpool rocked the box office. There’s also reportedly a movie in the works for Black Cat and Silver Sable.


Trailer’s up.


Looks good.


Love it. Can’t wait.


Yep, sure. It already looks an improvement on the last two outings.


It’s great how they showed us the entire movie in the trailer.