Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spider-Man and the MCU



To take it another step (since I didn’t get a chance to point out those things last night, but you are absolutely spot on), look at the 3 most prominent figures, and their relative sizes. It starts in the upper left with Kylo, and his is the largest, but there is a straight line diagonally to the middle right that goes from him, through Rey, to Finn. Each progressively a little smaller. So naturally your eye is drawn from Kylo to Rey, then Finn with the lightsaber.

Another is eye focus. There is a strict median on the poster. Characters whose faces are to the right half, are all looking right. Those on the left all looking left. This subtly adds to the idea that the conflict is larger than what is shown, that there are larger outside forces acting.

Compare that to this poster

They are all looking inward, and perspective puts them into the distance. This tells a story, and shows that this is primarially a conflict between these individuals, and in this internal fight the primary actors are Captain America and Iron Man.

The Spider-Man poster has no such focus. It is a hodgepodge of elements that tell no story, have no perspective, and say nothing together. Why is Iron Man the most foreground element, Spiderman the most background. What is Tony looking at? Why half NYC and half DC? Is the Washington Monument there for any reason? Just have the Stark Tower and be done.


This makes sense. Now that I look with a more critical eye at the Spidey poster, trying to find any sort of sense or logic is making me hate it more and more.


The kicker is that the two examples that have been used of ‘good’ posters are both done by Disney. So they have the people and talent to make good posters. They just chose… this.


I love that the poster is IRON MAN (guest starring spider-man).

It’s like, “Power of the MCU, bitches!”


I think I love this version of the poster:


Am I the only one who spent far too long trying to remember if I knew Coulson was in Spider-Man and why/how I would have forgotten such a big deal if it had been true?


I think yes. He was only in Iron Man and the other MCU movies (up to Avengers, then he went over to the Agents of SHIELD TV show).


Well, I was referring to Michael Keaton in the middle of that monstrosity of a poster and his similarity to Coulson. :)

Not to mention thinking Falcon was in this for a split second too.


The international poster looks a bit better:

Hey you know, one of the trailers pretty much telegraphed the twist in the movie, so Sony being awful at selling its own movie is a given.


It’s annoying me how ever trailer has all sorts of new scenes. If they were put into some sort of order and stiched together I almost feel like you could see most of the film at this point. I’ve been avoiding trailers now. Seems odd to me.


Red carpet premiere had this happen:


I kinda love that. That’s a fun opportunity for the guy who went.


I’m totally puzzled by the fact that Marvel/Sony did not go for a 4th of July Weekend opening.

Anyone know why they chose to release this after the 4th, instead of this past weekend?


Minions 3 came out this past weekend and the kids want to see that.


I wasn’t too interested in catching a third Origin story but hearing that this picks up after Civil War and assumes that hey, you probably already know that a radioactive spider destroyed his home planet, I’m back onboard.


Ah! Despicable Me 3! I’d forgotten about that.


Yay, this was good!


Saw this last night at a drive-in along with DM3. Even my non-action- movie wife liked him. Nice reset. It was hard to follow the last action scene, but that was due more to watching it outdoors I think.


That fight was a little messy on a regular screen too.