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I liked just about everything in this movie, except that set piece on the ferry. That’s not how physics works. Not even close enough to pass muster for a comic book, let alone a movie. If you cut a boat in half down the middle, no amount of webbing or superheroes in the middle straining to hold it together will keep the two halves from sinking. Took me right out of that scene.


My physics issue came earlier in that scene, when water came gushing up through the deck in geysers, despite the deck clearly being well above the water level. That’s not how water pressure works.

On the other hand, I was okay with the webs and whatnot. Superheroes!


Now that I’ve gotten the nerd science nitpick out of the way, yay for Michael Keaton and the relatively low stakes of the villain plot. I loved that Toomes’ big scheme wasn’t the destruction of New York or killing everyone in the UN or whatever. Toomes just wanted to steal stuff and make money. He even tried to stay out of the limelight. It was also refreshing to see the bad guy so quickly pick up on clues to ascertain the identity of Spider-Man, which gave us the nice menacing scene in the car.

That said, I wasn’t a fan of how lame the security was at Damage Control and on Stark’s cargo plane. No cameras or guards in the Damage Control warehouse? Why did they have the lights on then? And Stark’s plane was ridiculous. A completely automated plane carrying a priceless cargo of superhero tech that apparently had no safeguards against anyone hijacking it? Maybe Happy needs to find another job.

Finally, why play so coy with Zendaya? If you look in this thread, the news outlets were calling her Mary Jane back when she was first announced in the cast. She’s prominently featured in the posters (moreso than any other female in the cast) so why rename her and act like her being “MJ” is a big twist? I don’t get it.

Oh, and who was the guy at the end in jail with the scarred face?


I didn’t pay attention to any of the hype, so it was a nice surprise for me.


My buddy and I were thinking that he might turn out to be Scorpion and this is the genesis of the Sinister Six.


It read to me (“I’ve got friends on the outside” or whatever he says) like they were setting up a Sinister Six. I felt like the movie expected me to know who the guy was, but I can’t recall any clue as to his identity.


BTW, what the heck was up with Aunt May’s high waisted pants? Seemed that that was the only style she owned.


Same here. I loved her character, and was so pleased by that development.


[quote=“SadleyBradley, post:126, topic:78440”]
I felt like the movie expected me to know who the guy was, but I can’t recall any clue as to his identity.
[/quote]They gave his name, Mac Gargan (aka the Scorpion).


Okay, but even if the reveal was a surprise for you, why the fake-out with her name? They could’ve accomplished the same effect by just not mentioning “Michelle” at any point since her dialog was pretty limited anyway, then pop the MJ reveal at the end.

If you’re going to cast Zendaya or any non-white woman for the role of MJ, literally highlighting her on the posters, go all the way and make her the new Mary Jane Watson. By half-stepping it, you kind of rob the casting of its impact. I guess it gives the producers an out because they can always just insert regular old Mary Jane in a later movie and claim, “Oh Zendaya was never meant to be that MJ.” I wish they’d just committed to it.


Ha, that’s on me then. Marvel can revoke my Comics Nerd card.


I guess they really, really liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Robin” reveal at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.



Yeah, that sucks and it’s exactly what I was talking about. “She’s not that MJ! She’s a completely different MJ!” Come on, Marvel. Have the courage to follow through on that casting. You don’t even have to change the portrayal. It’s solid. Just give Zendaya the name from the comics and go all in on it.

In other news:


I assume that’s … I just noticed your d20 is now blue, that’s excellent … anyway, I think that might be the issue I had when, after the movie, I said to my son “it’s been 8 years since the Avengers?” and he goes, “no that was in 2012” so we were both confused. I did some googling and yeah, it seems MCU’s timeline is kind of off there.


Well, the movies have had a timeline issue for a while in terms of the release order of the movies. Like, I’m always blown away that The Incredible Hulk (2008) tales place after Iron Man 2 (2010).


I totally get it. First of all, I don’t know anything about the actress, nor that she was billed as MJ, so it was a surprise to me as well.

More importantly, a focus of the movie was Peter’s charming attraction to Liz Allan. Knowing that the other woman is MJ totally pulls the rug out of the possibility of that relationship, as you know in some sequel or another he’ll end up w/ MJ. The way they played it, their future relationship possibility was just a playful tease at the end of the movie. I thought they handled it pretty great, actually.

I assume if she’s an alternate MJ, not the old MJ Watson, she’ll still be the only MJ in this movie universe. Who cares if she has a different last name? She’s a new character entirely, but w obvious nods/parallels to the original.


She doesn’t just have a different last name. Her first name is Michelle. She’s Michelle J-whatever. Not Mary Jane Watson. Not that it matters because by putting her “MJ” reveal at the end of the movie like that, they set up the expectation that she is going to be the MJ love interest later. (Which they alluded to with some unrequited looks from her to Peter.)

It’s like the whole Ganke change. Peter’s friend Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon is totally Ganke Lee from the Miles Morales Spider-Man stories. Why did they change his name from Ganke to Ned? Who knows? Even more puzzling is that “Ned Leeds” is the alter-ego of one of the Hobgoblins. (There are a few in the comics, because comics.) So is movie Ned going to go evil in a later movie? If not, why is he named Ned Leeds? I loved the Homecoming Ned. I thought Batalon did a terrific job. But why isn’t he Ganke?

Some of the character name decisions here are weird. Almost like Marvel wasn’t able to use the names they wanted due to holdovers from the Sony contract.


Maybe they just wanted to pile on fan service w/ nods to comic book characters despite knowing that their movies wouldn’t always take the same trajectory? I also thought of Ned Leeds the moment his name came up, but I’ve little exposure Ultimate Spider Man, so don’t know the Ganke character.


not sure why you’re getting caught up on names. they could have just named everyone completely different names and the story would be the same as long as he is Spider-Man while in costume.