Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

Not the sequel to Homecoming, but an animated movie Sony’s going to release later this year. Teaser was already published a while ago, but they now put up a new trailer. Gotta say: the art direction looks fantastic. Love the style and animations.

This looks amazing.

Jeez, looks like they really nailed this one. Can’t wait.

Can’t say I understand the concept at all. Different universe, but the same Spiderman is in both? And recruiting?

Nonetheless, I agree that it looks well done.

(I was just about to start this thread but I missed it by two hours!)

Yep, the whole aesthetic looks incredible! You can recognize the Sony Animation art style, but it really just looks like a well-drawn comic book. I also love the little flashes of comic book artwork in certain scenes. (For an example of this, watch the teaser trailer where he jumps off the side of the bus.)

Also, it was written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with some help from Alex Hirsch. I can’t think of better credentials than that!

That actually looks good! I hope they throw in some of the off-the-wall Spidermen. Love the animation and all of the comic book touches.

There’s an event in the comics called Spider-Verse, where some kind of multidimensional vampire(?) hops through the multiverse to kill each universe’s Spiderman. So Peter Parker (from the main Marvel universe) crosses paths with Miles Morales (from the Ultimate Marvel universe) and other Spidermen and Spiderwomen from other universes to stop the bad guy.

I was a little worried this was just going to be a Peter Parker/Miles Morales buddy story until they showed Gwen at the end. I have high hopes!

I hope it’s great and sparks a trend so we can get some good high quality animated comic movies.

Seems like all the rage has been on live action forever when great older stuff like the x-men animated series and of course Batman were doing impressive animated series and movies.

I really want this to be as good as it looks.

Why is it the 3d version of the trailer? I need special glasses to watch it, clearly.

Note, this isn’t a snipe about the art. I like the art. But the backgrounds are super out of focus in a number of places in the trailer and look like they are doing the red-blue outlines shifted apart thing that is common in old 3D movies.

Wow, really cool trailer and style!

My friend is practically allergic to Chromatic Aberration though. I could’ve done without it in the trailer too.

Oh man, I hope Peter Porker shows up at some point.

Oh man if they did that on purpose but not to serve for 3d rendering or something, then I’m taking back what I said before. Looking at the out of focus people when they drive down the street in the beginning of the trailer makes me physically ill. If that was on purpose then yep, this is totally not for me. I don’t want to yak in the theater or on my couch.

I’m happy to hear Jake Johnson though. Even if I can’t picture him as spiderman at all. He’s a riot in everything I’ve seen him in.

Eww, opposite for me. He’s the same in everything I’ve seen him in, and that one persona he’s got is all wrong for Peter Parker. He’s the only thing I didn’t like about the trailer. I’m gonna check out some Star Wars threads and see if I can figure out the trick to bullying him off of social media.

I love this guy, he’s super entertaining and I didn’t realize it was him until @arrendek mentioned it.

I’m going to miss The New Girl. :(

As the owner of the instagram handle “Schmidt”, I’ve been eager for it to disappear from the public consciousness.

LOL, I wouldn’t hold your breath. :)


Look, we finally get this stylized and original animated movie, and you still have every other animated movie if you want your fancy “sharp backgrounds” and “non-chromatic-aberration” and “scenes that don’t make you wonder if your TV is going bad”! Just let me have this, okay?? WHY WON’T YOU LET ME HAVE THIS??!?!!?

Hahaha. I definitely like the part of the art that’s in focus. :P

They should make this photo out-of-focus instead of the Spider-man movie!

The style is really nice.

Hard to be too excited though when it’s clearly aimed at younger teens. The trailer hits all of the themes that are relevant for their lives like embarrassing dads, mentors who just don’t get you, being overwhelmed at changes in life, and ‘being yourself’. I know coming of age stories can be great to watch as adults, but this comes across more as a YA novel. Not trying to criticise, it looks great for what it is and I will eventually watch it, just seems 15 years too late for me.

New trailer: